Jan 20, 2008

New blog.
haha.SORRY lah ok?
dont look at me with the mad face anymore.....

school life starts!
and it rockss!
except that sometimes it's quite sad cause i'm ignored.
i know,no matter how hard everyone tries,i stil remain to be an outsider.
oh well,
i like my class.
teachers are OK.
and then,
classmates are all COOL people.

lots things changed this year.
such as,
always having stay back ,
bus life no more.
so on.

what's more,
it's HAPPY in school.
same as home.
cause life's filled.
homeworks,projects and so no reasons to do meaningless stuff.

i'm regret now.
guilty too.
i shouldnt have asked pa to take me to his factory just only to play comp.
mum seems a bit angry.
which i feel very uncomfortable.

maygee's bday coming.
but we all cant make up a day to hang out.
too bad.

i've fallen in love with three guys.
oh i know it sounds weird.
actually just a bit 'heart move' lah.
not counted have a crush on.
i'm sure weeks later i'll be changing target again.
hey.dont suspect.
i'm not a playful one.
just sometimes human will be attracted right?

my house now,
without roof.
it's like a sky window.
exposes to sunlight and rains directly.
mum said we'll have interior design.

my next hope.
to have a prince.
but it's just a dream.forever.
cause it will never happen.

Life goes on and i finally walked out from your shadows.
it's so cool.