Aug 24, 2008

Happy Back to Schoool!

To cheer you, I sacrifice my so-precious picture. =P

Bllaaaaannnndaaaaaa ;)

This is.... Brenda.
LOL ah soh I hope you don't mind I put your picture without your permission because it's too HOT to resist! =p
Anyway, what's so special about this girl, she makes our life more interesting. Instead of me and Hui everyday, we have her to break the boredom. (Anyway, I know we're more your rescuer than you are ours because I know you're much much bored than us before meeting us. oh I know this sentence seems to be quite complicated.)Nevertheless, you're sweet my dear, and cheerful!

Wahhaa, I know you're crying because I post about you. =D (Oops, Hui jealouses jor. =/ )
Promise to join us every Saturday at B.J okayy?

OOOH, It's school day tomorrow! Exams coming, Jia You everyone! (:

Aug 23, 2008



Been very hyper today.Went B.J with gor, Hui, Brenda, Andy and Enson. We played badminton like ciao liao! non-stop 2 hours and a half! Imagine the sweat! It's very fun though! I have never sweated so heavily and am very satisfied with it. Mum said we should always go there to play badminton every Saturday and I hope it will come true. (:

LOOOVE Badminton!
Gor and Hui, the two GAO SHOU! I am very Zah Bet compared to them.TT
Andy and Brenda. =.= That Ah Soh woke at 1 o'clock.
Yong sui HUI. XD

That's all! HAPPY(:

Aug 22, 2008


Wah Ai Sih Liao.(I think only Hui understands this sentence. xp)

Went shopping with Mum and Hui at Ikano today. Unexpectedly, I had a lot of thingiees bought. Unfortunately, my body is dying. Well, I always know I can't shop for hours. It is a very fun day. Mum and Hui are always my BEST shopping partner because I just feel SOO comfortable to shop with them. Furthermore, haha, Mum pays the bills so I needn't worry! =p

I didnt bring my Popular voucher, so I was very regret. Ehee, guess what, I saw the Ikano's Popular turned to "OPULAR". I have no idea where's the "P". maybe it just dropped off to the floor one day and noone wants to replace it till today. But it's very cacat, I wanted to take picture of the word but my phone, like so ngam, no battery, pula.

I bought 4 English books, which I highly doubt if I could ever finish it. Or, even understanding it is quite a problem. But I need to read more I know because my essays sucks and I have a very poor vocab. Nevertheless, I will not ditch Chinese aside because no matter how, it always remains to be the BEST language ever.

Anyway, I want to save money ady. Everything is expensive and I am buying too many unnecessary stuff recently. Oh ya, tomorrow no tuition and so we are off to Bukit Jalil sports club. We have booked the badminton court and only got to get it for one hour. Hope the Sun wont go too hot tomorrow!

I am so HYPER about my birthday party! I hope everyone I invite would attend! Ahaa, please don't laugh at me if I were to tell you that I am already having headache about what to wear on that day! Anyway, I want to invite all my classmates or even my teachers! But then, don't know they give face to me or not. =p Hope everyone comes la! This is my first birthday party after so many years!

Aug 18, 2008



Well, went Sunway again yesterday, but this time with SookChuan, Suzanne, ShiYi, Jjraithy and PuiYee, all my rowmates(same row in class ma. =p) Too bad WeiWei, ChienWei and LiWei can't come. Well, do you notice they are all Wei, so yea, Only me attended among the Weis. *proud* haha. Anyway, we stil have chances to go out de la, so no worries!

So what we did the whole day ar. Walked around and took da tou tie lo! It's very fun to go out with them.=D But anyway, I went back the earliest because battery emptied liao, hehe.

Here comes pics:

The "Sweet Couple" .
Another. I'm glad they sit in front of me because they are very easy to be bullied, wahahahohoho. =p
Me and my partner, PuiYee!
Oops, forgive us pls. (:

AHaha, Jjraithy looks so cute!
Act cool. PY looking so fierce. 0.0
Main photo! Sook Chuan looks so 'Yam' haha.

Aiyok, sorry ar, I not purposely wanna cover your face der!
Suzanne so MAN~~
an la, an la, very sweet lah!

That's all(:
The last outing I think, went out too many times recently, gotta bury myself up with books dy! Drop me some oil yea! TQ. =D

Aug 17, 2008


I'm so D.O.W.N. now.
Lee Chong Wei lost the game!!
Don't talk to me now ):
I hate Lin Dan like anything.
Lee Chong Wei don't be sad, okay?
You're good enough!!

Aug 15, 2008

Lee Chong Wei !!!

Lee Chong Wei WON!!
He's into the semi-final!
We screamed all the way and were so damn ganjeongg!
But he didnt disappoint us, HE WONN!!!

Cheeeoooonnng K ;)


Well, today went Sunway with Yan, Gee and Lynn. So long havent been going out with them already. It's a great day out but very tiring and we were sweating seriously all the way. Anyway, went to sing K.

The 2 sopor.
my Bestiie!

0.0 cute hor?

That's all bah. (:

Oh ya, Brenda, looking forward to see you wear that cheongsam, take pictures oki? =p

Aug 11, 2008

The Bulan Penghayatan Kemerdekaan.


Well,today was happy! I wore cheongsam to school and expected me to be a bit odd but it turned out everyone was wearing those kind of costumes so i was relieved. Michelle, my "indian" partner arrived very late, which scared me a lot.); I scared I would be walking alone without partner.=p

Anyway, I walked quite weirdly as I have a pair of heels which is far bigger than my size. -.- . Ok, lots people mentioned it and I was so fish. I thought noone would notice it but it turned out to be everyone asking me the same question:"Jingwei, is that your heels?"

Other than that, it's just walking loh, like a model, but holding a flag lah. I know I dont look like a model la. Although heels are on my feets, I stil look short. Well, the flag is quite heavy and my right hand is painful. I bet every flagholder
experiences it. Also, get to know a lot of new friends lo, all extremely leng lui geh.

Whole day teacher didnt teach much and I spent most of the time camwhoring. =p And now I know, No girl is an exception of loving taking photos. I once thought I am the only one who is so vain but now proven I am wrong. ^__^

Anyway, I am happy! Thanks mum for buying the cheongsam and giving supports.(: Oh ya, shall I thank for her heels anyway? =p

Here goes pichas! Sorry the sequence is a bit messy. =D

Michelle, Pn Shanti helped her tied the complicated sari.
In class. This girl is the nicest one ever.

I realize I looked so old and my skin looked so Yello. -.-
Shiyi and Jjraithy(I hope I didnt spell it wrongly.)They are the ones sitting in front of me, great to sit bhind them because they are easy to be bullied! =p
My new friend. So So So HOOOOOT!
Counted my secret-sharing-friend ba - LiWei(: sweet girl ^ ^
Take #2 (Hey Liwei, I edited it as you requested(: )

Mua, Weiwei and PY. 38 poh. hehe.
The sopor.(1st time take pic with her after sitting beside for so long. ^ ^)
See, memang sopoh.
Lagi sopoh.
Meng Choo. Another hot girl, real impressed with her make-up and dress-up.
MY CLASSSS!! rocks!
Ru Yan and Meng Choo. Heard that they got The 1st. Congrats!
PY and Michelle(not the Michelle I mentioned just now.)
My classmates and ex-classmates. Aren't they pretty? =)
Poh Yeng.The cute and blur girl.
Tze Yee. I envy her skin so muchhiiiie!
Shih Xuan and Darren.
Oops, Shih Xuan's hand...blocked my face......
Well, I dont know her name but she is a nice girl.
Su Teng!! hyper,active and Sweeeet!
The stage.
Becca. 0.0 almost closed eyes ady! She's a funny and cute one anyway. =p

All flagholders!! nice pic!
That's all! I think I didnt upload so many pictures before! *winks* Okay, Off to dinner, Bye !