Feb 27, 2009


Today's our classpage photo session. Oh before that,I lost my bwink bwink EdBoard name tag eh, and I thought it fell into the toilet bowl when I did my business, was so bohsong, like so eww. Luckily, when I opened the car door, I saw something glittering, bwinking there woh. Okay, proveed that it's stil alive. ThankGod.

Again I successfully uploaded so many pictures, say me cleveh. =p

Feb 22, 2009


It's me again! =D

I am bored I don't feel like doing anything. Loo came over, we went Jusco, went Orange Sorbet and tried clothes. They have new rules there! That is, one person only allowed to bring the most 5 attires. I know why it's that case, 'coz there are just too many people like me: only try clothes without buying. What.. We try for fun cannot meh...

Wanted to buy the jacket der, but Hui said Sunway cheaper woh, so I han lui loh, I'm a good good girl.

Tomorrow's a school day again! New start, +U+U!

Aiks, I miss D lah.

Feb 21, 2009

OAGY(arrange it yourself if you think you're intelligent)

We had our first yoga lesson this morning. Luckily, there're only me, Huis, Andy and Aunt SLoo because I just woke up and were looking very very very ugly. You know how, oily hair, small swollen eyes, smelly body etc. To sum up, Cacat. K-yeng you know? Haaaa, fortunately, I wasn't the only one who looked like that because everyone was same with me and I could see Aunt Sloo's eyes were even smaller than mine. So basically we had stretching, bending so on and my spine obviously wasn't working well. Sudah tua lah, admit sajae. I hope the next lesson will be much better. :) I'm sure it will. :)

Remember the new kawan I told you? I've finally succeeded in uploading her muka. I know curiousity is vibrating in you.......

See I told you she's cute........ Actually it's Mum's, but I tou tou use... Haaaaa, nolah, I very Guangmingzhenda punya....

Okay, gotta go. Relatives are coming for gathering later 'coz Big Uncle is going back tonight. I'll miss you!

Oh just to add on, I am still so High now. D D D D D. What's D? Listen, D stands for Danson, don't you ever forget.

Feb 20, 2009



Sat in the hot hot car "enjoying" the hot hot sun dancing dizzily on my very precious face.. Squeezed in the crowds for almost 2 hours.. Sweated damn heavily that it stinked.. Had my 60bucks flew away.. Made myself got so damn exhausted..

But everything's absolutely utterly totally completely extremely Worthwhile.


I saw D.

He is faaaaaaaaaaaar and faaaaaaaaaaaar and faaaaaaaaaaaar(you know I'll keep typing faaaar if I was allowed. But then I know you'll fall asleep so I decided to be a bit considerate.) too amazing I believe my heart stops beating that moment he come out. And I, I, I shooooooook hand with him and was so so so so so near to him! 40 cm,near bu near I ask you.

Ok, I know you damn irritated already.

I am still damn high now although it's already over for hours. Fabulous, Awesome. Fab Awe Fab Awe Fab Awe FAb Aweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Can you see the words up there? It's written, Dear Wei. It's enough for me to pass the whole loong year dy. Then next year I'll ask him write Dear Jing, next next year Dear Mandy. *faint

Okay, sorry being crazy, have a nice weekend. =) Oh Lynn, you can go www.vinc-yuee.blogspot.com for the pictures.

Feb 17, 2009

Untitled. 'coz I can't think of anything now.

Hi Humaaan.

Well just some photos from Genting.

Valentine's day.
Went Sook Chuan's house for her birthday party, everything's nice but my valentine's was stil so lonely! ='(

A sunday I forgot when.
Went Loo's house and...... bermuka tebal tried on her clothes, and I turned out like a child-adult.

School've been busy and I am stil feeling sad, I can't excatly tell the reason though. ='(

I've been gaining weight cause I feel stressed up and it's the only way to express it out.

Oh by the way, I tried on a cool thingie..
Image Hosted by Cetrine.net
So cool right? Haaa! Log on to www.photofunia.com

I am going to meet my husband D this Fri, can't wait! *heartthrobs. Hope it turns out fine. =DDDD

I love Mommy so so so so so so much because she is the best best best best best and est est est est est Ever!

Feb 14, 2009

Down or Up?

I am so so so so so damn damn damn damn sad sad sad sad sad.

Feb 13, 2009

Tagged by Amy.

幸福套餐 1
01 你的绰号 : 老哥和老爸叫我阿wei, 超有创意的老妈叫我wawa,然后全部小瓜叫我weijie,我其实有一个很classy的洋名哦,我叫mandy啦~很优雅的感觉hoh? 哦对了,有些人会叫我小薇啦,科本人觉得怪怪的,因为小薇感觉上是一个很可爱,很单纯的女生呀,我很明显不可爱也很不单纯。
02 年龄 : 十七。我知道你觉得我很老,可没有办法呀。
03 生日 : 十月四日。(记好咯)
04 星座 : 天平
05 兴趣 : 跟妹妹玩,打羽球,弹钢琴,读书,发呆。
06 专长 : 你觉得呢?我觉得我的专长是。。。。出奇意外的平凡耶(这算不算专长?因该算吧,因为别人都没有这一点耶)另外,我的专长是,暴饮暴食(不要疑惑,你还没看到我真正恐怖的一面。。。ngek ngek....) 好吧,说点像样的。。我的专长是。。。。算了啦,我真的想不到。。。

幸福套餐 NO.2
01 你有没有喜欢的人?:有啊,唐唐!他也很喜欢我我知道.. =p
02 是否在交往?: 我们去年结婚了! (哈哈哈哈!!!!)
03 现在幸福吗?: 现在的生活一切幸福,可是我总没有踏实地感觉到它,或许,太贪婪了?
04 如果上天给你勇气,最想做什么事?:
05 如果有天,你爱的人跟你告白的话?: 我的心脏会就此停止跳动。

幸福套餐 NO.3
01 最爱的节目: 我没看电视。哦,有啦!唐上节目时我会不顾一切地冲去电视面前。。。
02 最爱的音乐: 能够让我听了充满feel的音乐(可惜最近听歌都没feel..)
03 最爱的季节: 春天,夏天,秋天,冬天。。(好像全说了。。)
04 最爱的卡通: 不喜欢卡通。。mr bean 算吗?
05 最爱的人: 家人,唐,宝贝(我的ladybird)
06 最爱的颜色: 白
07 最爱的国家: 浪漫的国度就可以啦
08 最爱的天气: 凉爽

幸福套餐 NO.4
01 如果上天给你三个愿望:
* 能够找到一个我爱的人也爱我的人
* 家人幸福健康平安快乐
* 世界和平,人人快乐
02 你是很专一的人吗?: 因该?如果我真的不小心爱上了一个人,因该会为他不顾一切。。
03 最深刻的回忆?:小时候跌倒,至今还记得那个感觉
04 你是个很有信心的人吗?: 不是woh. 我时常自卑哦。。。。。。。。。。。。 ):
05 你很爱微笑吗?: 我希望!
06 如果你要放弃你现在的生活,你愿意吗?: 愿意
07 妄想什么样的生活?: 充实满足
08 是否横刀夺爱才是爱?:不会!!

请列出于十位被点者: 阿惠,芷欣(不好意思我的电脑找不到你的“xin”), 嘉玲,颖欣,素琳等等。

Feb 7, 2009


I tell you hor. I've changed my kawan. My old kawan sure very saaad. She sure blames me for dicthing her, for not caring her anymore. But, I am am am am am meaan. *evilgrin. It's because my new kawan is just far too fascinating, I just can't resist the temptation to be her kawan, too! Before the final farewell, I would like you to see see my old kawan. Don't show out your sympathy or else she will be more sad.

My old kawan for 2 years...

I know you very sam gap now, you wanna have a look on my new kawan right. nenineni. I'll keep her a secret first. :) Give you some hints, she's freaking cute.

And Oh! I damn High woi. I bought, I bought, I finally bought..... D's album! After one year of hesitating neh. It's an imported version, I actually want the long version but can't find anymore! ='(

Okay, now some updates.


Had a muvee date with Hui. Watched PinkPanther2, not bad, but the first one nicer. Went Delifrance and ate speghetti. We were so poor and we had to share, and I hate hate hate hate sharing! I know you hate hate hate hate hate sharing with me too because I just have a big big big mouth that's why I always have the larger portion than you and you can't complain because I am elder than you. :p This is how you can bully your sister, learn something? Say thankyou to Teacher Jing Wei. :)


We had party over my house, had catering. I was responsible for the sushis of the day! Bwahahaaaa! If there's really a guy who wants me in the future I will have no worries anymore because I will feed him with sushis everyday, 'cos I only know this! Unfortunately for that day, not many people ate it, I ate it all. Loo, Yan jie and Car yi were bored that day, oh sorry.


Went to Sing K with S1 peeps, and I found gor to teman me. Before that, went Dragon-i. Damn Boh Song lah, my dish was the last one out, and my red bean bun was only partially steamed! The noodles hor, orangy de leh, weird.


Had gathering 'cos Daikaofu's back. Wanted to sleep early that night but turned out to be....1 o'clock midnight, that explains my pimples.

CY says she looks pretty in this picture. == wangzibing.


Went Genting with daaahlings! Had a sweet time :) The rest of the pictures I forgot to take to save so can't upload. ): Oh by the way, Ling kah's face was covered.

Went Parents' friend's house.

Have a nice day! (: