Apr 30, 2008

OFF from school !


Tomorrow's holiday!
i hope there are holidays always. ):
HMMMMMM let me thinkk......
oh ya.
Yan they all will be going Sunway after sports day which is this saturday.
too bad i cant join due to English tuition. how sad =/
and i got to know everyone's going.
so tanjingwei will be the left out one le. =/ banyak terukkkkkkkkkk
neverminddddd laaaaaaaaaaa
im not going sports day anyway laa.
although morning-sessions can sit in the sports centre
but i really dont want to sacrifice my precious sleeping time and face four wide walls for four hours.
Everyone work harder ok?

OK forgive my 'diam-ness' and my no-points post.
i have no confidence in expressing my real thoughts and feelings lately. =/

awh lonely me.

Apr 24, 2008

I think I should write something.
although i dont really have things to say. =.=
Im really lonely these days.

physics n addmaths r crushing me to ...........



Death .

so many nights i had maths dreams
so many moments i couldnt control my temper because of them.
got lots new members on my face recently.
besar dan hodoh.
yea what im saying is pimples. =/
i think i already have my time of growth over.
but then why this so called symbol of growth stil keep haunting me?
and even if im stil in the stage of growing,
why my height hasnt showed any changes ,since ... form 1?
or even standard six?
i mean i didnt grow up anymore since then. =/

My cousin is going to have a wedding dinner next month.
i dont know what to wear. @.@
i scare i will be exaggerating.
but then wear what i usually wear seems abit informal.

Oh well
recently we have raptai.
everyone went marching so teachers arent teaching.
im being a traitor.
i ditch my red house cause of my laziness.
what's more.
i never ever contributed anything.
that's me .=P

term two exams just around the corner.
i hate the way the school set the timetable.
we cant enjoy the holidays anymore.
cause there will be two more weeks to go after hols.
this holiday i'll be off to sabah.
looking forward~

I have become so lazy these days.
which i really hate it.
i hope there's a change. (:

me to you
;; dont throw me aside when i need you !

Apr 19, 2008

Yesterday night my mum attended a dinner.
faster say she looks young and amazing, you will make her day .(:

Apr 18, 2008

miss those days. ):

went to yonghui jiejie's company new site's opening ceremony.
the BABIES or children la.grown up and they are very CUTE! especially the younger son. so hyperactive .
last year in NZ. I MISSSSS IT......

Kah ling jie asked me to update wor.
so i was thinking it's boring without pichas.
so grabbed some of it from the file and uploaded.
school's normal
En Lim said form four science classes students need to participate in marching for sports day.
our house's seniors want us to stay back next tues and the training is from 2.30 to 4.
you know i cant stand the Sun.
dont torture me lah please.
i really dont wanna goooooooooooooooo
but will they take any actions if i dont go?
real sad lahhhhhhh
our house
RED house
got the last currently.
suan liao laa
i cant comment anything geh
as i didnt contribute anything to my house.
so bad huh
last time in my primary school red house used to be champion every year.
then when i entered secondary skul i thought that is the case too.
na2 li3 zhi1 dao4................
every year
not last then sure second last
i think the best is third only.
no offence anyway. ^ ^
I realize i've been swallowing ALOT of flour recently
i have breads. paos. man tao. mayonoise n' lots more everyday for breakfast.
does flour bring disadvantages to health ar anyway?
shouldnt eat so much of it
cause it's carbohydrates.
and this means fats.
what i wanna say
we really gone matured.
i didnt realise til i saw this year form ones and twos.
so thats all for a boring post.
have a happy weekend. =D
bless ya~

Apr 11, 2008

today i was late to school.
lol. of course with mg and sl.
unfortunately wy missed out this "precious" chance.
havent been late to school since.. form1?
this is only the second time . ^ ^ ( see i so good girl)
i remember the first time was the day after school reopened.
my father was like dont know the way to my school and i was punished to stand outside the dewan. TT
that time i was scared and nervous and helpless.
lol.unlike last time,this time is MUCH better.
i mean i didnt feel scare and nervous anymore lah. form four dy maaa. hehe.
En ng asked why was i late wor.
i really regretted for lying him.
and traffic jam is obviously a super lousy excuse.
and then miss yong passed by and talked to me.
she asked why didnt i go meetings and duty for so loong wor.
but very touched she stil remembers me laa. and gam dong they didnt "fry"(in chinese) me.
i promise i will go duty and meetings started next week de laa.
i'm stil considering whether to be AJK arnot.
let's back to topic.
i know it's no big deal.
but at least it's something extraordinary in my recent dull life.
my face suddenly turned ROUND.
i dont know why.
any ways of "slimming" it.
intro please.
i need it badly. =/

Today i was 'electriced' by someone. =.= ( ignore this sentence)

Apr 10, 2008

So sorry havent been updating.
Been VERY busy recently.
teachers started rushing again. =.=
and even so, they told us we are stil far behind compared to other classes.
i wonder how other classes' students survive then?
I have lots things that i don't understand.
been stcratching my head .. .. ..
i'm kind of relieved when bro.john told us physics termm two exam is only to chapter 2.
luckily .....
I know i'm becoming more and more boring lah.
forgive lah please.
these days,
i'm just filled with homeworks assignments
i have no other interesting stuffs to say. ):
Such a lousy blogger.
Sorry lah dear bloggie,
didnt take care you.
dump you somemore conteng weirdly on you. ):


sleeping pig. zz ;]
LOL.am i weird.....

Apr 4, 2008

Didnt get to post a 'real post' lately.
cause my life's so dull all the time.
it's not the people around me being uninteresting,
it's me decolourising the fun of life. =/
i think a lot of people hate me.
maybe it's not to that extent but at least they dont like me.
awh whatever.
going tuition.