Jun 29, 2008

Stand still, look smart.

Just changed my blogskin.
Hah, hope you'll like it ;P

Mum just baked a cake.

Tomorrow is a brand new day.
Let's throw off everything and start over.
Never give up before you try yoooo. =D

Jun 28, 2008


My cutie.

Bye and take care.

Jun 20, 2008

Hiii .
uploaded some old pictures.
because i think I havent uploaded it before.
Today was HAPPY!
many free periods and everything turned out nice(:
Congrats my ah hui
for being the winner of the malay speech competition(:
Didnt thank me for helping you practise ar? xP

Last year in New Zealnd.
Last month in Sabah. 0.0 what's mum doing behind therre?
canopy walk at sabah.
Sabah seaside! *MISS*

Wohoho, scary mummy and funny ah gor.
siblings forever! <3 ^ ^
Hot Hui.

Okay Byee (:
Have a happy weekend~
My mum's coming back this sunday.(:

Jun 14, 2008

simply simple ;

I want to go out.
But there're so many obstacles.
Bo Soong ):

My sis, my bro and my father
They have just the same characteristic
Suka tidur =/
Like a pig and like a kumpet =.=

Bahasa Malaysia.
I hate you.
Because i don't know you.
But i am forced to understand you.
So please cooperate with me tomorrow . . . . . .


Happy Papa's Day! <3


Happy father's day !
thanks for everything you,ve given me(:

leng zai #1
leng zai #2
leng zai #3

Lotsa loves,
your beloved daughter, wei.

Jun 13, 2008

Long way to go.

Heya .
Was busy with exams so didnt update =/
there's only two more days to go and we're freee!

Mum's been away for a weeek!
everything is still ok
just somehow feel strange with pa carrying out mum's responsibilities
but anyway
He is such a great father
responsible and caring
which is quite out of my expectancy
and i learned a home just cant stand long without a mother
She's enjoying her sweet time with her brother probably,now.
Take care and I miss you!

Ive been very lonely in class ):
I know I am just so odd all the time
people playing and chatting there and i was holding book reading alone
I didnt get the infos from the book though
I was just day dreaming
how sad :[

I am very sorry to Chien Wei for forgetting her birthday
It's yesterday
Last year i forgot too and i told myself i would wish her this year
and yet i forgot again
And i really want to thank her a lot
for helping me so much
often i really feel paiseh and dont want to trouble her
but she's the only one who can help me
and i can really feel her sincere
2 years and going strong~
i WILL buy a present for her as a belated one. (:

Oh ya
I dont like him anymore.
hehe.very flower heart yea
nola,it's just a wrong interpretion of my feelings!
So yea

Last sunday
only me and hui and marry jie were at home
it's a great time
me and hui sat outside the house and studied and marry jie swept the floor
So we played =D
took funny pictures
i know it's weird for you.
check it out down there (:

here comes our external organ........... =.=

Mine =P
Marry's ... big yet scary but beautiful!
Oops,my weird look!
camerawomen - Kelly Hui Jing (:

Hui's. hehe.... dont scold me upload this yeaaaa....... >< mine
Hui's perfect pinkish lips
mine no-special lips
and....Marry's sexy thick lips!

Ok that's all =D

Jun 4, 2008

Im bored =/ Im uselesssssss =/


Have you ever seen people READ Maths?

Even there is they wont be reading it for hours non-stop right?

Unfortunately I am the one =/

My blog is very boring i know

But Im lazy to upload pictures and think something nice to blog about

sorry =/

Mum's going to germany this friday

Imagine life without her!

The last time she left us for soo long is years ago

So i think all of us will not get used =/

muii and me =]
REAL muii and me =]
lol act cooool~
my piano teacher's house, two piano! we played 'dou qing three'from secret with these last week.
Byes! =D