Jan 29, 2009

Noooo, don't end puhlease!


Saya di rumah saya punya cousie. Saya kenyang jadi tak boleh duduk tak boleh lantar hanya boleh diri, seksanya. I mau tell you I cintamu bnyak bnyak b'cus you always sokong I walaupon blog I bosan sgt sgt. I tau you sudah mau sleep sleep skrg kerana post ni no poin. Ok lah, I tak paksa orang punya, you pigi sajae lah. S.tinggal yoo!

Bwahaaaa, my BM improved already... :p

We had a one day trip to Genting yesterday and it turned out to be veeelii nicee. Very crowded but I enjoyed the company of 'em. Pa has been very good to us, because he............. (ngek ngek* wo men de mi mi). Oooh Lingkah, have your kaki forgiven you?

About pictures, uhm, I dunno if I had the chance to upload it. =) Let fate decides. =)

Jan 26, 2009



GeongHihFaatChooy everyone. (: I bet you received lots lots wishes dy, but then mine's the most precious one right? :P

ChineseNewYear day1.
We went UnclePang's father's house in Segamat and spent 4++ hours there. Quite fun, at least funner(got this word de mah?) than last year.. Before setting off, we took some pictures.

Kinda blur, sorry.


After that, went another friend's house. Very kampung feel. Very peaceful though.

I want to prove that my legs are actually looooong.......


She's long-haired.

Taken by meeeeee! I'm so pro I know!

Mum and her long-lost friends.

And then we headed home. Dropped by Malacca to have chicken rice ball. Not that good though.

That's all for 2009CNY's first day!
Oooooh before that, we had reuinion dinner. Por and Mum cooked lots yummy yums.

Ahgong and Ahpor not looking pula. ==
Me and Hui slept almost 2 that night, I broke record. (: Before sleep we camwhored.

Okay, tha'ts all! Wish everyone happy always.

Jap Bah Lang.


I'm at my mum's office once again, and it means......... pictures timee! Hui, pa and me was stoning at home, wondering why we had so.many.times. So here're some recent pictures which I didn't to upload.

Somewhere in December.
We had a shopping date at Sunway, with 3Bs(haha):Brenda, Brendon, Bryan. I forgot what I actually felt of that day, but then I hope we'll still have something like this in the future. :) I bet we will. :)

Bren, sopoh#2.
LOL. Me and gor macam dailou and daisou.

Brendon, so greedy. hahh.....

Taiwan trip '08.
Left out these two. So just sun bian upload it.

Somewhere in January.
Went Sunway again. To continue shopping. Me and Hui were so zilian(she only actually =p) we squeezed into the fitting room when gor wanted to try on a shirt and we could stil look so cool(you agree right) when gor was screaming outside: Faster lah, bat poh!

24/1/2009. (I finally remember the date!)
Went MV and Gardens for dinner. Very very pissed, Dragon-i and Canton-i closed. Everything closed. Goodbye my beloved red bean bun, although I love you so much(forever and ever), although I swear I will never eat you again because I just eat you too much, I will still wait for you........... for one weeek...... till the very-chinese bakery reopens........ You know I won't abondon you, don't you? :)

Gardens. Nice design right? Classsy.

Okay, I forgot to tell you all. Hui straightened her hair. I bet you know this process takes hours. Pathetically, to show that I have great patience, to show that I'm in fact a utterly loving sister, I agreed to teman her for the perming. I sat there for almost 4 hours, staring at my very interesting Physics reference book. Halfway through the process, I got so bored with theories that I turned my head up and I saw a cute little lion. All of Hui's hair moved out of every direction and yet she could still smile so sweetly to me like she actually looked like a princess and I should show some admiration in my eyes. Anyway, glad she did it, because my parents have no excuse now to complain her hair being messy when she actually just combed it. Wanna have a look? No problem.
Cutie. but far too skinny, not like her sister, fatty bomb.

This looks more obvious.

Niceee leh~~ I recommended de leh. (tqtq..... ^Q^)
Okay lah, that's all for my japblang post. I shall end it with a very charming and adorable girl's pic. I know you know who liao, whoelse? :P

PS: Dont vomit lah........................

Jan 23, 2009




HappyBalikKampung peeps! Anyway, I takda kampung, so I'll just stay here for the whole loooong week, if you're free you can always drop by to say Hi! My house is decorated, so I'm sure you'll be pleased to see everything looking so nicee!

Additonally, wanna congratulate Amy muii to finally find her ehem ehem.

Happy Chinese New Year!

Jan 12, 2009


Now's 9.44, and I'm going to bed, and get some sweet dreams and smile in my dreams while gazing into the prince's eyes and.....................

be awakened by the stupid alarm by 5.

Then i will probably move on, with eyes half-closed for the next whole day.

Caaaaaaaaaan upload pictures dy, Yay! =D

3 monsters squeezing.


Have a nice day! =)
Oh by the way, I'm going Genting during CNY probably, Haaaahpiih! You know what, I'm reading Konserto Terakhir. But it's really not bad actually. Ada love love punya pasal tau? Sangat romantic betul.

Jan 9, 2009


And I feel like whacking it and smashing it to pieces and cook it all and there will be no such thing of slow computer anymore in this world.

Jan 8, 2009



I just realise my computer really can't, can't, can't upload pictures. Omg, so sad...

Oh by the way, here's some short updates about school.

Py and me sit in the first front row, how pathethic. It's because we're such a latecomer and all the good seats, ehm, grabbed by others. =( Ah nevermind, can pay 100% attention now already because teachers take whatever things from the front person as reference to others and so I am the poor white mouse. =( To add on, we have to separate with those crazy women, awh, no more talks. =( I'm so well hidden now. =(

I have been eating a lot recently I certainly don't get why. I just feel simply happy, I think it's the happiest thing to do in the world sometimes. But then I don't want sparetyres. I look at the mirror today and realise I am in fact so so fat. =( So no mood lah.

Oh and, I realise my eyes have grown smaller and uglier. Ah can't bear it.

That's all I think, I am lazy. Bye.Bye.

Jan 3, 2009

Argh, Grhh, Hmmph!

I am so so so so so F.R.U.S.T.R.A.T.E.D.

First I wanted to burn a CD, I desperately wanted to, ah then this computer kept saying I didn't have an empty CD when I was actually inserting one, I tried tried and tried, and it it it Faileddddd!

Forget bout it, I want to upload pictures now, I really really really want to! Then it stil doesnt allow me to! I have been trying so haaaard for an hour! Arrgh. Fine fine fine. You treat me like this......

PS: Feaaaaaaar!