Dec 30, 2008

Taiwan ' 08


I haven't been touching the computer for the whole week so I was so excited that I could finally played that I got too excited that I accidentally clicked something and the computer corrupted and that I can't play any computer anymore. Thanks, I know I am so Geng.

Ah then I stil see the need to upload Taiwan's pictures because it's one year once and because I am a dedicated blogger, so I beg mum to bring me to her office so that I can upload pictures. Ah then out of my expectancy, this uploader is so so so damn damn damn Fast, I uploaded all these pictures all in 20 minutes, so proud of myself. Just so you know, I have been so frustrated at home, when 1 picture takes the same time as 78 pics here. Oh my god, did I just mention the amount of pictures? Yes, it's 78! Erm, enjoy your time with it yeah? I know most of them looks kind of boring and ordinary to you but actually we had lots fun. And oh, many of them mixed up, so don't mind yah?

Me! Before the comp broke down. ==

Albums bought in Taiwan. Sooo cool!
There are not enough seats in the airplane, so guess what? They arranged us to sit in Business class although we only paid little! It's so different from Economy class! My first time! So lucky.

Mum and dad, banyak sweeet!

First class's foods!

So Classy!

Taipei 101.

Talent show, they rocks, like spiders!

AHaa, I saw them in real life, my gosh, Sooo Hot! Ah then gor gazed at them, one of them raised 'her' hand asking him to come over, ewww!

Pa singing Teresa's song.

Cartooned Mo Tian Lun.

Aha, I finally could have original vegetarian foods.

Coffin bread. So creative!

Gor's hands.... ==

A Chihuahua.


Mint plant.


Our tour guide, so cute lah!

Pa making Muachi~

Hui and Hui. haha.

Our taiwan tour guide, interesting guy!



Uncle Tay(behind standing) looked so funny!

These two are from the same species. haha~


The temple which collasped due to earthquake in 1992.

Magic ball, haha!

Do you see two women up there?

It's not a cave, it's a restaurant, so unique lah!

Aerotrain.looks like airplane.


I saw this in 7-11, if only our 7-11 here had this......

Cyndi!! <3


Haha, done!
Happy New Year!!