Mar 30, 2009

Prom - Twilight.

Prom invitation is out!
I want to bring B since I don't have a partner because those stupid guys out there(oops no offence woh) noone is interested in me this fatty boom boom.
Bring B also not good because by the time we reach she'll be grabbed by every guy then I'll be lonely. Then I'll have to lepak around act like I am very happy in my own company. Gosh, life is so harsh. =(

Oh anyway, the main objective. The main point is.... Pui Loh Yee, LohPuiYee lah actually, gotta promote her, since she so damn kawaii.

Cuttey leh? Add her: (:

Under control.


Who is that, Why so cute, Ah no need hide, we spot you!
It's Jameszey! 杰米斯(:

Banyak comel ah this botak! Bot Bot Bot! Monk Monk Monk!

Ah my sunburn..

Glad everything's okay for you. Glad you'll still be in there so the mangoes and apples are still mine. Glad I can still recognize you. Oh Glad!

Sorry my face a bit black because I was impatient.

See you next Sun BOT if only I could make it. Depends on my mood lah! =P

Your Jeannszey bynk kolian tak boleh shee shee you. Only can 牵肠挂肚. Haih Boh Bian loh.

Off for dinner, byes!

Mar 28, 2009


Happy Earth Hour. (:

So how was it? Me H and V spent it folding stars and walked around the neighbourhood and found B and we walked walked and that was the end. Romantic night. (: Love our environment. (:

Today was the Amazing Race. My teammates are awesome!
我跟你讲hor, 我一年晒的太阳都比不上今天晒的多。

Our group-Peace! (:
SC. I know I yongsui la.


Make TongYuen.

At night went Jusco for dinner with H and B.

I got terrible sun burn. B says me blush blush. Haha, often I wonder why my face doesn't turn red even after extreme exercise but now I look like a fat tomato.

Tired dy! Bye!

Mar 27, 2009



Today was okay lah! The weather is un-tahan-able. Afternoon, there's super hot sun, I sweated like pouring rain. Evening there's rain, and I chilled like a vibrator.

It was CHS Idol Audition today, hope my friends all passed lah! Luckily I didn't join ah, so many biantai de people! All geng geng nia....

Tomorrow's CHS Amazing Race! YAY, I so so so don't want to go. Why? From 7 till 6.

Sunday's going to visit botak! Bet he lost 10kg.

Guess what, I gained 3.5 kg! No lies! I don't know why. But I certainly will work hard now onwards to throw them off. I want you to see a skeleton 1 month after. (:

Mar 26, 2009


Very sleepy.

Studying hard wasn't paid. =( Nevermind, if it is meant to be, I'll just work harder then. =)

Today quite emo ah.

There's someone who doesn't appreciate friendship. I hope she would stop. I know I should not say a word, give an opinion because I don't know that matter well enough. But, please stop. Your friend is watching and you can just express out how much you hate her when you know she surely will know. You purposely want her to know or what? I don't know. It doesn't feel like the one I know. If you're unhappy enough, you can just bring up the matter in front of her and find a solution together. It's not a good way. How can you hurt someone's feeling like this? Do not take for granted in anything.

The above statement obviously isn't stating you, not your case, so do not be perasan.

Hectic life. I dunno how to stay strong anymore. I may look like, but it doesn't feel like. I want so much to be normal but I always fail.

Mar 23, 2009


I didn't go school today. (:
Syok ah!


Okay, sacrificing the sleeping time is not that worthwhile afterall, because I found that Biology paper consists of alien sentences which people with bad brain function wouldn't understand. Look back, I dunno why I struggled so much.

And then, my loving mamibubu treated me with a yummy meal as a reward for being such a hardworking organism. I really thought my eyes have got problems when I saw her in the petrol station.

Okay, I know you are trying to scan thru very quickly because you want to leave some comments in my tagbox regarding what I am typing but you are not interested in what I am saying. Right right right? Nevermind lah, I won't blame you nah! Because I do that very often when viewing others' blog. X))

I am very sorry I actually planned to do Chemistry Peka but I ended up in this page for hours. I don't know why. The blog ohm suddenly arrives and I feel like blogging, that's why you saw so many updates with no points.

Just now I edited a pic of mine>



Hui in pyjamas!

210309. Sat.
It was Vena Jie's birthday! Happy sweet 26 babe! We bought her a cake and a blouse.

Sorry I looked too ugly to be in the picture. Same as Hui, I was still wearing pyjamas 3 o'clock in the afternoon.

And Oh! I accidentally, smashed her cake! Because I have such a muscular hand which can exert imaginable force. Mum said it looked so ugly. TT!

Later at night, went Yan Jie's house for her 21st birthday. Happy Birthday! (today is the official day actually.) The cake is made by yiyi, home baked! yummyyy~

I brought my Bio book there. It's a grape juice not wine(:
March Holiday.
Part of it we spent with Brenda. We made sushis.
And went her house to stay overnight. So Soong! Her mum geng ah, bought soooo high de heels!

Lastly, D! <3333333333333333333333333333333 onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="">
Byeeee! Off for Chem!

Mar 22, 2009

I tired lah.

Me hand itchy itchy lah.

I pinis Biology dy, partially.
I am so going to be a good good girl once more. But this time I will be even more guailui. I will wake at 230am. Blessy blessy? :)

Hui says hor, Brenda has a friend called Fa Cai. Then I say then next time his wifey mai called Gong Xi. Then when people meet them they shall say:"Hello, GongXiFaCai!" I know me lame lo. Our Lan Gek loh. Only Me and H will laugh der, maybe B also will laugh lah since her laugh point so damn low. Haaaaa..

Tomorrow officially re-place my butt on my lovey chair which I ditched for one week. Banyak sienz ah!

Okay, papa chases me already(No cane lah but), I go sip sip first. Seeeeee youuuuu!



Today is Grandpa's birthday! Happy sweet ______! (I dunno his age eh paiseh. If you know then you help me fill in the blank lah k?) Sorry I can't attend your "party" because......... I simply love Biology way too muchie. I don't want to take picture of me right now because then you will know how scary is Biology.

I shall present you the most adorable guy in the world! Ngek ngek... you can't whack me because you are "in fail". Nenineni...

So kacak hor..............................!

I found out lots my friends found their lover recently. Why am I still so KOLIAN. *shakehead*


Log on to Lots nice wallpapers and themes for your handphone. Most importantly, I found D's theme there! :)))))

Lastly, go listen to 我的回忆不是我的, damn nice ah!

P/S: Thought of giving up.
PPS: Want to give up.
PPPS: Trying to give up.
PPPPS: Gave up.


Mar 20, 2009



Just wanna upload some quite old pictures. (: From mum's Birthday!

Oooh! enjoy the video down there! =)

videos timee!


K, it should be pronounced as die.

Chemistry Peka, Biology, Accounts, Piano.

These are all I want to finish. But it is so so damn damn hard hard. And I dunno wahy I am so usiless?

Mar 18, 2009


Our house Han Han hor.....

Oops, sorry, a bit bit no manners. Okay, come again.

Our big brother going National Service tomorrow morning. 3 months!

Yay, Lets celebrate! Imagine life without him. No more bullies, no more fighting for mangoes, no more not being able to play piano because he is sleeping, ..., ... and more and more and moreeeeee! Yay, isnt it FABULOUS? Haaaa joking lah!

Take caree! And oh, fang xin, I will take your botak pic and show it here, so guys, stay tuned to see Tan Zhe Han first ever pic withooout hair. Stil sexy and pretty de lah!

Just now when we had dinner, I said okay, this is our last dinner. Then everyone was like staring at me and said choooy!

K nah. Hope ya enjoy and hope I wont kena NS.

Mar 16, 2009



Tomorrow -


Brand New Day.

And I shall start this day with a SMILE. (:

weis. <3

Mar 15, 2009


Blanda pigi our house because her parents went Thailand woh. Yaiyai. This girl, dunno when grew up le, so lianglui jor. Anyone interested in her can contact me by (:

Ok lah BB! Tomorrow got piano exam. TT Bless me(:

Mar 13, 2009



Me M.O.E. (nevermind, you'll never get it.)

Exam is OVER temporarily. And my soul is alive once again. (: Say Hello to soul Wei.

Exam=pimples. I woke at three last night to read History and i thought I was sucha responsible student mana tau today JJ told me she didn't sleep at all, means she stayed up for the whole night for history. See how H can ruin our wonderful life. My god damn Physics, efforts are in vain. ):

Last Saturday was our house mama's break-egg day! Went Mariott for dinner, yummy yumm. Took lots snaps because Hui suddenly turned "a bit zi lian" so we "pei he" her loh.

Didnt realise I am in fact so TALL. XD
First pic with Vena jie.

Finally have a picture with this smelly buddy.

That day Hui came back from school grumpling the art work teacher gave her as homework. I suddenly so enthusiastic and drew it for her. So long haven't been drawing already! And I certainly miss the feeling!

Have a nice weekend! And oh, do enjoy your holiday! I still have to place my butt in front of the study table because I have a piano exam on Monday! sob sob... I dunno if I still like you piano.
PS: Nothing ever changes, even if you thought it did. I tried hard enought and I fell right hard.