Sep 30, 2009

Lost control.


I'm sorry I deleted my piggy picture because I even scared myself just now.

Shiat lah, I screwed Chemistry just now. The YZ lah, kept talking to me, distracted me. Haiyoh, actually it's my own laziness lah. Damn sakit hati, wuwu.

Tomorrow's Physics. Haven't even seen the paper I know I'm not gonna do well. Let it be lah, Physics never likes me, so do me. This trials really mati kiau kiau.

Gayaoo yooo friends! :D

Sep 27, 2009

D. ♥

Since I do not have a crush now,
my heart is all for D!
When is his next album coming? I wait till very cham ahy! :(
P/s: Yesterday I dreamt about him, so happy!

Sep 25, 2009


Happy Birthday, Brothah!


Well I don't think you need me to remind you to rock your 18? :D Be what you wanna be, forever my best bro yeah! :D

Sep 24, 2009

Ladybird meets 5610.


My favouritas.

When laziness creeps in. . . . .

Have you stolen my study ohm?

Don't shake your head I know you did. Give me back!


This is my new clothe! Bought it in Ou. You know why I always stand like that(with my left leg crossed over the right)? Because i discovered my elephant-trunked legs look thinner with that pose! :) :) :) (they still are fat anyway)

I DID study Physics today! My proof! :


Kay I actually decided to cycle to the hills just now and took some nice pictures back. Unfortunately, the ohm went away halfway and I just walked back my house.

You know what, I'm so sad. I have to study Biology on my birthday! Awh, I really hate that extra holiday. Nevertheless, I'll make myself happy that day! :)


Another random fact, I don't particularly like perfume but mom bought it for me during a promotion and it smells quite sweet. Next time I spray the whole bottle of it and make you guys faint.


By the way, I promised myself to read English story books. I still stick to Dorothy Koomson because her style is really cool. I'm not sure if this is nice, but her My Best Friend's Girl is really awesome. I'm till Chap2! *claps. (There're 32 chaps)


Juandy sent me a link that day. I think lots people watched it.

Kindly visit it and spread it, those girls are really ganas.Hopefully the press gets notice and publishes it out so that the police can take legal action.

Okay, I've been in this page for almost 2hours. It's time to sleep! :)

Sep 23, 2009



Don't they look cute?
Accidentally found them in Hui's room.
Oh shit, will she get copyrights from me?

Oh the Phy.

I have a great Physics teacher, Brother John.

He's really great because he knows Physics really well.

The problem is that, he knows it too well but we don't and he expects we do. Thus often half of the class falls asleep. I have never done it but I nearly. Even Chien Wei got sleepy. I think this illustrates that: (enlarge if can't see the words)


Yeye made cheese cake yesterday. I tell you, her cheese cake is the bestest-est-est-est ever. Noone can beat her. P/s: I've stolen Hui's and mom's because it's just so yummilicious.


I will make cheese tarts on graduation day. Hope everyone won't vomit. :P


Alright alright, stop looking at me with that kind of eyes. I know I wasn't good today. I'm so guilty I do not know how to express already.

Obviously, study plan failed. I feel so bad about that, please comfort me, tell me it's alright to not study. :(

Instead, I drew. It's been long I ever paid attention to drawing, especially potrait. Then today I suddenly have the ohm. Oh that shitty ohm. Screw it. If it wasn't for it, I would have completed my Physics. I will not have to wake early at 6 tomorrow just to force open my eyes and swallow Physics facts. Life of a student today is terribly pathetic, do you not agree? I bet you don't.

Okay I actually took pictures of the steps.






And finally....


Want a closer look? Here you go,


After that I got bored with her hair I helped her change style. But it turned out to look much much uglier. I was so sad but I couldn't do anything to mend it back! :(


Please, do bless me. I HAVE TO study tomorrow.

P/s: My kolian mom, still has to entertain her customer at this time. Hope she doesn't get too tired.

Sep 22, 2009

^ ^

Happy Birthday,
Wing Yan.

Rambutku, nyawaku. (:


Since small I have always wanted long hair but always there were things that halted me from keeping it.

I used to thought that I was fated to have short hair forever because before I even entered kindergarten my grandma always cut my hair so short people would think I am a baby boy if I hadn't look so sweet and so girly(hahaha).

Then during my primary years school didn't allow girls to have long hairs so I had mushroom head instead for 6 years. I didn't feel weird with it because everyone around me was having the same hairstyle. ==

Secondary life arrived and finally finally finallieeeee I had the chance to get my hair LONG. It grew to beneath shoulder and I was satisfied with it but one evening during my visit to a saloon, I very chong dong got it all cut. It's a boy cut and my hair hasn't grown much after that.

My hair now I have been keeping it for 3++ years, and yesh, if you're wondering, it really only grew till this length. I don't know why exactly it grows so slowly but I'm glad enough. So, if you're gonna take something from me I would never give away my long hair because it's just so freaking precious. If you hate me, you can throw me down the building but not secretively cut my hair as a revenge when I'm asleep :P

Okay actually my hair can make a lot of styles but I don't want lah since I'm a good student (: Also, my pimples are so active on my forehead so I can't keep fringe. I plan to perm it next year during college life. That'll give you a fresh look :D Bare with me! I wanna frighten you with my oh-so-fabulous hair next year! :D

P/s: Sorry I made this post a bit too long.

Piggie piggie Wei.


Supposed to be, study Chemistry.
Turned out to be, sleep.

P/s: Sorry Loolu I promise I'll kacau you everyday after SPM :D

Sep 21, 2009

A second.

Yesterday I told you I was dreaming about my future boy friend and last night I got horrible dream related to that.

I dreamt of giving my first kiss to XXX and then our toungues rolling over each other's repeatedly. And I awoke this morning feeling so confused.

Maybe it isn't that horrible afterall.

P/s: Guess who's XXX? X)



I just realised photobucket is so cool. You might as well try it out (:

I forgot how I had had this name but years back mom claimed it's way too common and she promised to think me a new one but until now, she hasn't thought of one so Mandy remained as my name. I will use it in college since it sounds nicer and it's easier to pronounce and easier for people to remember. Say goodbye to Jing Wei (:

Speak softly love.

In the past I used to craved for his love.
But now it's cookie-no-more.
I think I should just pay attention to my Tang Tang. <3
P/s: Because he'll never have the chance to disappoint me. X)

Trouble is a friend of mine.

Today's public holiday so mom decided to make the long-lost cheese tarts! It was my favourite but I can no longer eat it now. :/ Hui did a great job. X)

And, two sopors cut onions, kept crying. They were so brilliant they wore protective specs.
P/s: First time see people wear like this in the kitchen hor.

And then Thursday suddenly announced got holiday on Friday so I very chong dong like that forced Wei Wei and Pui Yee company me go Sunway watch movie. The S'pore movie ah, 吓到笑. They told me not scary de woh, then I mai watched loh. Mana tau, I watched liao 1/3 then the rest closed eyes only because really hate to watch ghost movie. Someone lah, ffk. :P

Went SUB to try prom dress. PY didn't want to join she just waited me outside. :(

Okay I know this dress doesn't suit me. I think no dress suits me lah.

Week before, helped Wena jie to take pictures because she wanted to send 'em home. Heeee, have a look:

Okay, today's study plan failed, so many distractions. I didn't even complete half of it.

I have been thinking about future the whole day. I thought of my future boy friend lah. :) Haiyo, don't tell me I will never have one lah. I will be very sad to hear that. Next time if I have a bf, I wanna sew him a shirt on his birthday. Hahaha. Bye, I go dream first.

Sep 20, 2009


Have always loved tiramisu and never had I missed it as my birthday cake. And finally I made the tiramisu of my own. It of course doesn't taste as great as Itallianies' but I still feel a sense of achievement. :D Thanks mom for the mascarpone cheese.

And yesterday, I finally decided to tidy up my wardrobe. I always was lazy to do it because I really have too many clothes. It's not that I want to show off, but I really have got many of 'em. P/s: I stop buying already, so don't scold me lah.

This is not all of 'em. There're still some in the wardrobe. And I need this many hangers to hang these clothes.

By the way, my second aunt is so loving she gave me a can of fermenting fruits as my birthday present.

The product will be enzymes which aid in digestion. Thankiew so much. I think this is the most special birthday present I ever received. :)

I couldn't bring myself to sleep last night. People and things were turning round and round in my mind. So I..... camwhored! :P

Okay, enjoy your holidays! :)

Sep 18, 2009

What is left exactly?

Strangers think that I am cool and arrogant when in fact I am not. I just got tired of having to be nice. I know it's such a lousy excuse.

Splash 'n splatter - plan failed.

Unfortunately, it, rained.

Fortunately, it, went on well, still.

At first it was like small cats a few, then it turned okay, the ffk habit isn't so common lah anyway. Yesh I was the camera woman, hello! However, my hands trembled a lot, making photos blur and unclear. Nevertheless, I still think I did a great job yesterday. *Sending kisses to my camara*

Okay I got distracted I can't type anymore. So Bye.

I have no idea as to put what title as title.

I've written 301 posts and this is the 302nd. It doesn't really sound a lot but well, I guess it has been my main entertainment for the past 2 years.

My brother is going to have a poolside party later at Bukit Jalil Clubhouse. I really do not feel like going. I'd rather lay on my comfy bed with my 10-year-friend Ladybird Babe kissing and hugging each other. However, I'm going because I'm rational, proud to say. Haha, do you not agree? If you do, give yourself a slap on the right, unless you prefer left? :P

Well, another reason that halts me from going is that I just went facial this morning and you this intelligent human over there surely can guess its outcome. It's not that I scare to be malu but then I just don't want to spoil people's eyesight. Nevertheless, I am sure I will not be in the photos because I am assigned to be the camera woman of the partay. The reason is simple, because I was, I am and I will be professional.

Okay, today is Louis's birthday. Happy Birthday? I often wonder why people don't create some words which sound more creative than 'Happy Birthday' to wish people and I'll just steal their ideas. 'Happy Birthday' sounds so kolot and too formal. Perhaps, I'll just wish him: Happy Egg Breaking Day.

See I told ya my blog's gonna be boring. Fishing over there? :)

Sep 17, 2009

Say Hi to Ms. Sesame.

Sometimes I would wonder will my life be better if I don't have pimples. Well I guess you wouldn't know the feelings because you just simply have a plain fair skin. You know sometimes it just gets so serious it blooms out like flowers in the month of May and I would even scare myself when I look to the mirror. Okay, that might sound exaggerated but then my point is that pimples cause low self-esteem. I especially hate mirrors with super bright white lights surrounding because they just make pimples look more obvious. And when people talk to me, I can see they are actually "investigating" my pimples, perhaps wondering which of them is the biggest in size.

It's not that I want to blame. If I had wanted, I would have done it trillions times in the past. People says every dark cloud has a silver lining. For my case, it's every silver lining has a dark cloud. Other than pimples, I consider my life perfect. Really, it's more than enough.

I especially am very thankful to my family. For mom, she brings me to a skin specialist and hopefully it gets better. For pa, he comforts me often that it isn't that obvious and it's getting better day by day. For Hui, I complain to her almost every night on the new members arriving on my face and she just laughs. I don't feel insulted by her laughs instead I feel listened.

Well I'm 17 but I still have hyperactive hormones vibrating through every of my blood vessels and internal organs that's why I'm so greatly pimpled. It's called oestrogen is it not? Any Biolody pro, do correct me if it's wrong. I thought hormones become stable after we completed our puberty stage? I am very sure I've completed it because I no longer grow in height. But then the question is, why I still have everlasting pimples?

Let's just let fate decide then.



Sorry for privatising my blog for some days. What I was thinking is that I don't really have things to talk and my blog doesn't have readers anyway. However, it's sweet that few came to ask me about it and they seemed disappointed with my choice. Yeah, Steph's right indeed. We don't need strangers, as long as my bestiees come once in awhile I'm glad enough. :)

Talking about returning, I'm changing my blog style. I guess you've noticed that I actually deleted the Cbox, Hits and Music. You know when everything messes up, we'll just like to revert to simplicity. The way of typing the posts will be changed also, I suppose. This time, I'll try to gain more courage and express what I really am thinking without worrying what others would think about me.

So yeah, if you don't know me well enough, this blog will be definitely dreadful to you. Oh wait, don't get me wrong. I don't mean I wanna make this site an emo place, it's just that I normally don't get very hyper in front of the computer so I think typing hyper posts in that kind of condition seems a bit fake, it's like, just to impress your readers.

Anyway, if you're busy, just ignore my posts because they gonna be long. When you're free and would like to tear me off to see other sides of me, you're always welcomed. :)

Here, Mandy officially officiated her re-born blog. *Cutting of red ribbons*

P/s: I might type Chinese sometimes.

Sep 10, 2009

D ♥

I can't believe that I got so obssessed over exam that I forgot Danson's birthday. I really feel like banging the wall. =/

Months earlier I kept thinking bout it but I still freaking forgot it.

Kay you might say he won't know even I have wished him but I just feel so sorry to forget such important day of his. :( I don't deserve to be his fans lah. TT


Uhm, Happy belated Birthday, Tang Yu Zhe!

PS: I WILL make myself to remember it next year.

Randomia: I didn't know 24 celcius can be that cold. My study room's aircon has that ability. I feel like I'm at the Arctic, with snows falling around(even I'm wearing a thick jacket).

Sep 9, 2009

20th, and more.

- o9o9o9 -

Though I'm not supposed to be here, today is an utterly special day I can't afford to miss posting it. Once I miss, I'll have to wait for another hundred years. =/

Happy 20th Anniversary to my mom and pa! ♥

Isn't that sweet to be married on this date and for this year it ngam ngam became 20th?

You see, I'm so good, i post such precious picture out.

While searching I spotted a pig. *CHENG CHENG*

HAHAHA, Fuifui so banyak cute hor.

Kay, off for Moral :D

Randomia: Tiramisu as a celebration later. Favourita!

Sep 8, 2009

Hide and Seek.

Trials first day.
Everyone so tense.
Gayao yooooo Form5s!

Not to forget, Happy 17, Jjairathy! As sweet as an apple. :)

Randomia: Haven't bought prom dress, lazy to search for it, maybe I'll just use some newspapers to wrap myself up. =/

Sep 4, 2009


Especially love this piece.

Sep 2, 2009


Although she doesn't read my blog,
Just wanna wish:
HappyBirthday Sou Eei. :D