May 30, 2008

Jehsin the sopor#2

Someone jealous liao loh

She very what de loh

Ren jia being intro-ed she also wants loh

She is OHJEHSIN that perasan girl loh


nevermind laa.

Jie jie forgives you =P

Just for your information

I Just accepted a KAI MUII

Her name is michiko, Jehsin Oh. =D

She's only 12 and she's JinghuiTan punya bestiie

So i see her pity mai accept her loo(:

Haha nola nola

welcome to my big family MS OH!

Come let you all see her nicie pictures

anyone interested call me at ;)

Tomorrow i go gai gai =]
with muii hui and mum
and gor.........................
actually i thought it's going to be a GIRL shopping
cause my brother went camping
then he said he will join us o.o
SUan liao.):

I know i'm a lazy girl
I know why i get nothing cause i didnt put in effort
I just like throwing today's works to tomorrow
oh and the sense of guilty is terribly sucks );

Keep eating since hols started
i dont know why
maybe i just walk pass the kitchen too often
and im lazy to exercise
So i wont doubt if you call me FATTY
so sad ='(

Tomorrow morning going cycling!
hope it's a wonderful day! =D

May 27, 2008

Sisterly Love//Unbreakable :}


Today Im going to blog about..... A girl

she's the owner of the weirdest girl ever award. let's clap and welcome her..



So Ms Kelly Jing Hui, do you have anything to say about your weird-ness?

Oh sure!

Firstly, I thank my sister for giving me a chance to give a speech


Im very proud that Im the weirdest among all

you see,

although Im not the best in studies,

at least I achieve success in Weird

Awh,Ms Kelly thanks for your speech...

and now we shall look the different sides of her.......

When she's sleeping.......

Oh well you might ask why she opens her eyes when she's sleeping..

for your information,

she's so sensitive that she knew someone was trying to take picha of her so she looked at the photographer and tried to look nice (:

And when she's playing badminton...

When she just wakes

dont see her like very si wen at schoooooool...



this is the nicest way she extends her legs...

if you have the chance........

you can see many different weird ways which are imaginable........

and so she just not a good babysitter

see the way she forced the baby boy to look at the camera?

haha,even then she failed to take a nice picture with the baby.

awh how sad ):

She's an extreme sopor too
see the way she smiles
she might think that she was looking cute
but you know , she's a perasan one. (:

She was once a damn hot girl
wore sleeveless,speghetti,tops,mini skirts etc
she just stopped wearing those
you know sometimes it's frustrating seeing someone with perfect bodyshape covering up their beauty!
but then she stil looks damn great in T-shirt and jeans
See the pic
She can really smile
and when she laughs,
you know you cant stay beside her any longer
the whole ground will be vibrating
just like a phone receives a message ^ ^

When she looks like an Ah Sam

you can really call her like that

" Hello JingHui Ah Sam! what are you buying? cheap veges? that uncle sells cheaper! come come i bring you there... "

And when she swims,
tambah her hand...
do you think of duck?
Quak Quak.....
She thought she could cover herself up with the goggles
but I stil know it's Tan Jing Hui even when i close my eyes!

Another picture of her with wet hair

Looks cute is it? =P

When she's hardworking.......
Aiyah,no need pura pura act serious la!
I know you're thinking of tonight's dinner....

When she dances,
she looks more to a Crab
Although the song 'dancing queen' is sung out from her big mouth.

And when she's bored..

she goes sleeping...

Her trademark : " I'm very tired lah" "I want to sleep"

other than sleeping...

she does weird stuff..

such as..

conteng her foot..

with an expensive G2 pilot gel pen....


she stil shows everyone her "masterpiece"


She does have her sweet sides..

She's an adorable and charming babe..

She has a big cute eyes

sexy pinkish lips

soft small nose XP

and a fair smooth skin

If i were a guy

I would chase after her

She looks mature
although lots people said she looks younger than her actual age
not even so,
she acts and thinks maturely
Oh now,give me a clap
Cuz her maturity is because of me
I tell and share with her what i saw and what i experienced .

She's sweet and cute (:

and also.


feel like hugging her?

Pay me! XD

She plays piano.

She can play well

But she's no longer interested in it

So she quited

But i actually hope she would come back someday =D

She's like a princess, isnt she?

Her name is Kelly. (:

She's a cool model

Cause she can really pose and act

She has beautiful legs

And this is her Emo picture

She's a bright star =]

She's a beauty

And she belongs to my family

The one i play with the most in my family

The one who drives me crazy

The one who makes me laugh

makes me smile

and makes me feel that Im being cared in the world

She treasures us and we treasure her

She's the most active and talkative in the family

Sometimes she may be too crazy

but i just love her as who she is

For all the years passed

she is always the Best Sister

Kelly Tan Jing Hui is her name.

We look alike arent we?

The journey is stil looong
and our relationship is going strong
I thank my mum to give me a sister like her(:

Although She's weird
Although She's crazy

She's Stil My Sister
My Best Sister

A special note - 《3

Happy belated birthday to the best jie ever
Stephanie Ling Jia ^ ^

Im really very sorry for forgetting
and real paiseh to even let the birthday girl to remind me after few days it passed
i promise i'll compensate it with a big big pressie
and we are really further apart since i stopped sitting bus
missed those times when you sat beside me everymorning ):
anyway you're stil the only and forever jie
and i hope you to stay happy everyday
and sure keep loving your cha shao bao
also hope you to blog back
dont follow my footsteps to keep deleting it
because it's really a bad habit
gonna burn up part of m brainjuices now to think of your present

Love ya !

May 26, 2008


sorry for the late updates dears
week before was exams week
and it continues after holidays
how sad
hate physics essay
my 8 marks flew away
wondered why i didnt do anything to heal it at that time ):
then friday i went sabah
was real cool.
the airplane departed at 2.15
and me and my brother reached airport at 1.40
was rushing all the way from school cause mum didnt want us to miss exams.
just back yesterday
uncle pang and aunty wenlan were real nice
thank you very much =D
had a great time there
went canopy walk and mount kinabalu
took a lot pictures for sure
but i lazy upload
so i just uploaded some of my zi pai photos
lol.forgive my vain-ness ):
uncle hock's daughter, sze xuan is really a cute little girl.(check it out down there)
miss her lots.
thanks mum and dad too,spending money to give us a nice hols. (:
recently really dont have time to visit other's blog, leave comments to others,reply messages and comments, so on.
this holidays gonna be studying.
haih,i dont plan to go out. =/
due to
bless me!

missss sze xuan!

May 11, 2008

Happy mother's Day :}


Yesterday attended cousin brother's wedding dinner.
So yeah
we took a lot of pictures
lazy upload
so only uploaded some of it(:
It's a nice night
and i was wondering when is my turn @.@

im not good at saying how much i love my mum,
and even i say you guys wouldnt understand cause she isnt yours!
so yea,
I hope she'll be mine forever (:
forgive me if i've done things that had hurt her heart <3

Exams coming!
Everyone +U!

I love piano. (:

liang moi and marry. =P
Anothter happy famualie. (:
Semua leng luii! exclude mee =.=

granpa and granmaa =D
cousins. all grown up. =D
tambah boys. (:

AWH sweet!

MOM <3