Aug 30, 2009


I knew how to play Facebook dy.
Add me!

Type: at the search bar.

I've got to rush.

Went yumcha with Steph Steph.
After my SPM we go again kay? :)

PS: Sorry, I lazy upload so many pictures. ^ ^"
If you want 'em, ask from me bah, K.Ling!

Aug 23, 2009

KLCC Book Fair.

Brother suddenly popped out the idea and there we were, immersed in crowds. Though the Influenza thingie's quite terrifying we insisted on going and it wasn't that bad. Lots people, but still okay. We grabbed some face masks and be power ranger. :)

The book fair was great, much bettoor than The Mines', and I did snatch one recipe book back, on, swiss roll. :) If I succeed I'll belanjae you aite? I'm sure you'll taste dao xing fu de wei dao. Xixi. Oh and I bought a book on designing, cheap cheap dei jiek.

Yesterday in Canton-i:

Aug 21, 2009

Bangsar Village o8o8.

080808 is a very special day. It's Olympic and it's our shifting to upstair. So it was the one year anniversary, mum decided to treat us with something great. Brenda joined. :)

This is the gorgeous Brenda:

and H ruined the pic again....

Bangsar Village

The restaurant we dined, super classy.

Leng Lui with a weirdo. HAHA..

Hui straightened her front hair and her "moustache" is gone! :)

Oh so innocent oooo..

Here comes the great part, the foods!

Our cacat-ed love.

Walked around and headed home.This is pa:

I really miss last year a lot, because we were all so close. Every dark cloud has a silver lining, hasn't it? You may lose something but you earn something you may not realise.

I ell-oou-vii-ee my home.

Aug 20, 2009

Famine 30 on the run.

Wonder where have I been the last weekend? Nahs, I know you didn't even realise the disappearance of mine. I went famine30 lah!

I know some of you may say I'm stupid, 'cos I paid 100bucks to starve, but I tell you it's worthwhile 'cos I lost my tummy!(Though it has just come back now 'cos Tan Jing Wei deserves it as she eats non-stop day and night.) Gah! I went there not to keep fit de lah kay kay kay! It's sun bian only! :)

It's really enjoying, the committee had made it brilliantly fun. I'll join next year if possible?

Throughout the 30 hours, we got to understand the poor more, got to appreciate more. However, one thing I no likey was its toilet! So disgusting.

The moment I loved the most is the count down. We were all holding a bread in hand and the committee standing on the stage started:10, 9, 8....1! And yes we chewed, TOGETHER! That feeling was totally awesome! I am now thinking of starving myself once in awhile (:

Oh Shit, I excceeded my word limits, I know none of you read till here. I'm sorry lah kay? Here goes some pictures. Unfortunately I was too ugly, so I just, yi ge yi si, took few pics only. ;)

Lots singers went. If can't judge who are them in those pics can come and ask me nia. :)
That's all?

Oh forgot to tell, our group name is 铁板烧. Can you imagine? We have to look at that word while starving.

Recently Ed Board really has lots things to do, fortunately now everything is completed, so I gotta concentrate on studies dy. Can't wait for the mag to be released! I'll hug it every night. :) :) :)

I want you to love me more! :)
No worries, I'll make you do it.

Aug 18, 2009

Claire :)

Aug 14, 2009


The worst thing you can have is that you don't feel like doing anything, you just feel like dying. I'm nothing more than a dead fish.

I hide.