Jul 27, 2008

You rock my world.

Yesterday was a real great day, havent been having such great day for long =D
well i went school and only half or even less of the class attended.
so it was quite special ;]
then we only had 2 periods, later that was all relief.
so we spent our time playing Murderer, Monalisa & banana, and Shoot.
Murderer was fun and myterious and i really like my classmates a lot, sweet and nice and funny(:
for the first time i think that i aint left out. =D
After that went tuition.
We had debate and it's very interesting,
lol the teacher even taught us to say "Oh, Rubbish!" when we disagreed with the opposite side.
After tuition went outing with Ah soh, Ah lian and Ah sum.
Went to buy clothes, and Brenda and me became Hui and Sin's slaves, lol.
We helped them hold the clothes, choose the clothes, give opinions, tidy up the clothes and sure pay for them until we were almost Broke.
Oh ya, i visited Lynn, gee they all's booth for YE sales.
supported them and so had the chance to spin the lucky spin twice,
unfortunately, I only got RM2 rebate and a pen =/
So that's all about la,
anyway, Sher's bday coming.
she invited me to celebrate with her(:
so next week going to be real busy.
Oh ya, it's like finally, I bought a watch!
I think Pui Yee is already fed up with me as i ask her for time everyday,haha.

I will be holding a birthday party probably.
Whoever wanna come is invited. =D
I hope you all will attend!
Cause by the time, my house will have completed the renovations and you all can visit my new room!
Long for it =D

Jul 25, 2008


There will be a class tomorrow. =/
Awh nevermind, after that I will be going gai gai with dearries,
and visit YE stalls at pyramid, yay(:

my tummy is growing bigger, S.O.S!

PS; I really hope i didnt do anything wrong. If I did, please forgive me and i plead you with my sincere heart.

Jul 22, 2008

ahsoh -.-

is Ah Soh, the blur yet sweet girl(:

I wish to exchange my stomach with someone.

Today is the report card day.
As usual, it took only 2 to 3 mins for my mum to speak with the teacher.
However, what's quite different this year is that my teacher finally knows who I am.
For your information, I was hardly recognized by my form teacher since I started going school.
And the reason is simple and obvious, I am just too quiet and ordinary that a teacher wouldnt notice the existence in a 50-people class.
Anyway, this year my teacher has finally known me as I told her my house had a fire and I had all my government-subsidy-text-books burnt at the very third day school started.
So yea, that's how things go.

Right after taking the report card, we went for lunch.
I've done something which I regretted like nothing.
I ate : 1 big fried rice + 1 chinese dish + 3 BIG red bean bun
I can feel my stomach is bursting.
I think that by eating those, I've already covered 3 days of meals.
Oh god, I want so much to be slim.
I promise I will cut down my diet tomorrow onwards =/

PS; I wanna put Ah soh,ah gong and ah pek's pic. especially ah gong that ugly( =p ) one. But then they dont allow! =/

Jul 19, 2008

Well, nothing much lah,
just went 1U yesterday with mum and hui because gor went campfire,
too bad Ah Soh and Ah Sam cant join =/
anyway, bought lots stuffs =D
Had a great time but my legs were almost broken.
We went 'da ren chan ting' for dinner,
Really dont get why that restaurant is having less and less customers,
its foods are real nice..
So i think it's because it's quite traditional and doesnt suit youngster's taste anymore, how sad =/
How i wish i have their recipe..

Mum and Hui
Way back home.
Ah Lian and Ah Du. =P

Forgot to introduce you,
We just formed a gang,
The AH gang.
the members are:
* Ah Du(me)
* Ah Lian(Hui)
* Ah Soh(Brenda-my recent muii)
* Ah Sam(Sin)
* Ah Pok(My bro)
* Ah Pek(brendon)
* Ah Gong(bryan)

But only the girls are active in the group la(:
Love you guys! <3

Jul 18, 2008

Mana saya punya losing item? TT


I should say that I am very miserable today because I lost my most precious possession. I miss it so much and I can't help losing it man. Throunghout the whole school day, I kept thinking about it and I really wonder why will it just disappear like this. I remember seeing it the last time yesterday morning, when I put it nicely on the rack as usual. But then, I found it LOST this morning. Aih, I think only Hui will know what is it that I am talking about. Hui, mourn for it with me! Oh, I am just so miserable without it. =/

Jul 13, 2008


Rythm of the past, strings of the present.

Yea i went H&G concert last night.
too bad Yan cant come =/
anyway,i saw lots familiar faces on stage,
didnt know they can play so well ^ ^
Great job, Su Teng! =D
I hope there's something like this everyyear..
I saw madam Tan Lin, awh, miss her!
Here comes pics!
(Tian didnt want to take pics with me TT camera shy worrrrr )

Jul 10, 2008

Cheers ;]

I found my classmates interesting. (:
and I'm real glad I'm in 4S1.
I like the teachers and I like everyone around me (:
Oh bout the teachers, NKY surely is an exception.

Have a nice weekend people!

I wish that the concert on this saturday will be turning out nice =D
Ganbateh Su Teng =)

Ps. (specially to kah ling jie) : I found life great when Mode circle comes back ;P I owe you 2 bucks hor?

Pause, think.

Well I found this recently from Yan's zorpia.
I'm sure you know which one am I.
Awh, it's just memories <3

Jul 4, 2008

The present and the past.

Recently I grabbed some of my old pictures from dont know where dy.
HAha, so let's enter a time track.
Here you go..

Year 2005, form 1. Oh that's what called pure;unpolluted.
Year 2006, form2. It's the worst choice i make to cut my hair short. For 2 years plus, it only grows till my current length. How sad.
Year 2007, form3. Becoming mature(:
Finally, Year 2008, form4! Im an old popo now. ): lou gu poh -.-

Iam going to cut my hair.
It's like bushes.

Mum just baked marble.
great breakfast for tomorrow. =D
P.Perakaunan chapter 7...CONFUSING!
So sorry to my teacher that i did not really listen yesterday!
I promise I will catch up! =D (see,Im good girl)

Have a nice day people!

Jul 1, 2008

Conflict & struggle //


Very guilty eee
haih =/

Haih Haih Haih