Jun 30, 2009



Jun 29, 2009

Try Try Try.


I want to donate blood! But they said I am "too young"! Py said I donate because I want to keep fit. It's not like that loh okay! I'm just simply being good-hearted! :PPPP

I copied 4 chinese essays just now, that's why my right hand's almost in pieces now.

That's all!

PS: It's not worthwhile to change myself for you. But, I can't help doing it.

Jun 27, 2009

They come in, walk past, and never come back.

Today is a happy day?
Thanks Glue Hui Mom and Jia for the memories. :)

I don't want to go back to school. I just want to die eating, playing and sleeping.

Happy Birthday Ende!

Zen <3!

Jun 26, 2009

Beat ya, Physics! (temporarily :P)


Loh Pui Yee ah.
Tan Jing Wei really lubs lubs you so much muchie.
You bring back a "bwink bwink" paper back for me!
I tell you ah.
My voice very soft only, so merdu de voice why you kaaaap my fon?
Sangat Hurt!
Haha anyway, you also got brilliant results nia! (But you like no feel, only XX can make you got feel. @@)
Don't crush wall anymore lah!
My Best and Worst partner! :D
Please smile now because I blog about you!
You know everyone craves for this but you got it automactically!
I'm a very good friend I know.
Okay, Pui Yee Yee I gotta sleep le!
You you take take care care bah bah!


Fei Ren!

I can't believe that..
I actually did nothing today.

Did not go to school and lazed around from morning till now. Feel so guilty about that because I was supposed to practise piano. Practical examination left one more month and I still play as if a cow's playing. Somehow realise my enthusiam towards piano's over. I'm so gonna face my piano teacher and find an excuse for playing so badly. Really sad bout that.

Gor's in Holland now! Really! Yesterday when pa asked mom Where's Han? Mum said Go Liao Ho Lan! The Ho Lan here is real real de Holland lah!

Recently really fui. No people find me, sienz dao bao! Online few hours also no people talk to me, so no mood. Wanna start reading story books but no patience. Watch telly lagi cham! Nothing to watch, few mins then walk away jor.

Okay Bye. Suddenly very blur about future. @@


Jun 25, 2009

Stop dreaming.

PS: I looked so cool leh? *redface HAHA..

Just now went facial, really damn sakit. No face now, so don't come and visit me. :P


Have you ever sensed the sweet smell of..






Bet you haven't.
you're from CHS's 5Sciences.

Let's celebrate!

- Jwei.

Jun 24, 2009

To my dearest Glue.

Glue ah glue.
Mai masam muka!
One paper doesn't mean much!
Next time you datang my house again I teach you till lek lek!

Always there to listen. :)

Smile back? :D

PS: Kenny zai doesn't love sad girl o. :P

Jun 20, 2009

Sadness is temporary.

I'm still so lazy!(because Glue di sini.)
Give me motivation!
Exams-four days more!
Jia You!
Hula Hula!
Bought yogurt maker!

Jun 19, 2009

False analysis.


*fat cow driving in*
sim hoi sim hoi!


Disastrous disaster.
Had she not been, I wouldn't have been.

I know you don't know what these which i know you don't know are about. You wan't to know but you don't know but I know so I know you don't know what to say because you know you're envy and I know you paiseh to say you don't know because I know you don't know.

Let's make things a bit bit bit easier.

article by Tan Jing Wei

SERI KEMBANGAN, SELANGOR: Two naughty childish girls played before bedtime with toilet door, unintentionally causing it to be locked on the inside. Tan Jing Hui, 13, was visited by her best pal, Oh Jeh Sin, 13, 18th June. By 10.30 p.m, Jeh Sin realised the door couldn't be opened. The girls, being utterly irresponsible, went to sleep without thinking much. Meanwhile, vistim no.1, Tan Jing Wei was driving her path through dream land. By 3a.m. midnight, Jing Wei was awakened due to an intense urge to pee. As usual, she searched for the door and found it locked. She went to the other side of the toilet, jumping up and down due to emergency, and it was also locked. Jing Wei was sleepy so she did not want to go to the downstair for her business. Victim no.1 painfully suffered over a period of time. When asked, defendant Tan and Oh denied locking the door. Tan and Oh ought to be accused of being dishonest. A suggestion for their punishment: ban them from toilets.

Oh crap.
I wore specs to school this morning because my lenses were in the freaking toilet. Zha dou-ly, Hui and Glue still ada face laughed at me, said me ugly.

Okay lah.
Exam-ing mah.
But still online.
I know.
Relax "one down" cannot meh.

Really hope SPM's over. Saw lots last year's form5s, all looked and seemed so relax and happy with their life. We still have to eat text books over here ah! TT

Ganbateh bah!


Jun 18, 2009








I forgot all history facts. Now's 9.13p.m. It's sleep time. And I won't sacrifice it for sejarah.
Sei Jau Sei Lah!

PS: OMG, fallinloveagain. Guess who's him? :P (won't tell you!)

Jun 17, 2009



Guess why I'm here?
at this moment, at this day, at this season.


I don't know either.

It's because tomorrow's PJK.

Oh by the way,
Gor is off to Germany tomorrow for two whole weeks. Really envy.
Have a happy journey man!

Yesterday night,
Me and Hui suddenly talked about something which I had forgotten then we kept laughing. Really laughed non-stop. Stomach pain ah. Does laughing help putting weight off? Then I'll keep laughing. :DDDD


Jun 12, 2009


Sorry I don't mean to publicise you..
I really do not mean to..

Who asked you to be way so cuteeeee?
I Beh Tahan ok!
So I uploaded..
You won't blame me or scold me, would ya?
I know you wouldn't 'cos you're very very kinddd right?
And most imporatntly, you wouldn't want to treat me that bad de right!

Present you: Tan Ji Dan!
The cutest egg. :P

Okay, if you really wanna kill me, use small knife were do, I scare parang ah dai lou..

Study date with Glue and PuiPui.

I studied from 6 to 6.
But I still feel so stupid.

Went B.Jalil with Hui and Jsin to study because the atmosphere there's real good. :) Everything was great, except....... theverynoisyandirritatingandannoyingandthickfacedandyongsui glue. Really feel like tying her up on a tree and slap her from left to right to left to right for hours..

Pictures taken by the "PRO" photographer, uh so random:

Very yong sui de words..of course from glue loh..

Talking to her lover..

And this very scary pic of me after extreme sports....

Okay, good luck in exam everyone! Really, don't be too stressed out. Or else, you'll be like me, pimples covering whole face.

Stay cool! :D

Jun 10, 2009

Stand up tall and smileee!

Random pic with Glue:(she memang no talent in holding a cam man, blur til like that -.-)

Hi Hello Hey Yo Loha Hiya




So Sorry I forgot what I had wanted to say dy..



Jun 9, 2009


Know you don't like lah.
But I like mah.

Go listen:绝无仅有!


Again exam kills me.

Though it's holiday..
Though everyone is enjoying..

I woke at 6 today and force-opened my eyes and studied. Omg where can you find such dedicated student? :P

Went B.Jalil for badminton training. I asked coach why that he did not teach me tapping. Then he told me I stilll not have that qualification. Worse, he taught my sister who is younger than me by 4 years that. Worse, he said that I have to "born" a pair of wings and make it hard before I can learn that. Worse, he smiled very cheekily while saying all that. Worse, I was sweating like pouring rain and I did not know what reaction should I give him.

Jsin that daipai poh finally could join us. She hiccuped and we kept laughing her. Nice moment though. Hey glue, really hope that you will always be a happy girl okay? :D xiao yi xiao mei shen me shi qing da bu liao. Oh and, stop calling me N!

Tomorrow going out again. Sungei Wang.

Really feel tired of everything.

Recently we have all become bread freak. To be specific, me and my mum. To be more specific, mum. Ever since the presence of the super bread maker, mum gets so proud that she is capable of doing such nice bread. And I gain extra pounds because I simply love bread so much.

Okay maybe I should go to sleep now.
All the while I feel that I am talking to myself. =/

Jun 7, 2009


Mum yesterday dunno why gam hou sei asked us wanna go Sunway mou? No need ask, it's a SURE lah :)

One thing that makes shopping with parents good is that you do not have to worry about limited money because they have cards. :) Yesterday pa and Wena jie joined us, too, which made it more fun. :) Gor went to do some charity so he did not join us.

I was very guilty because I was supposed to study Maths yesterday but expectedly failed. OMG not much time left. =/

Okay, I promise not to go out again..

Byee, really need to study dy.

♥ Jwei.

Jun 6, 2009

My D.

Hui says

Gor says

Everyone says

D doesn't know how to sing.

I say

I know.

But does it matter?

No it doesn't,

at least,

for me!

Haha maybe can "an wei" myself, listen from Cd nice then can dy loh!


ll Jwei ll



congrats me!
'cos 'cos 'cos!
I haven't been online for..

And I am very proud of that!

congrats me!
'cos 'cos 'cos
I have been studying for..

Physics, Accounts and English.

Congrats me!
'cos 'cos 'cos
I can't find any reasons dy.*


Yesterday was a blast. Went for massage and Ke Xin's open house. Mixed well with cousins and I'm going to be an aunty! My cousin brother's wifey got pregnant. And my another 4-year-old cousin bro going to be uncle at this small age. ==

One thing bad about yesterday night is that...
My sleeping time is ruined!

Well reached home around 11 and I slept at 12. This morning I couldn't see my face properly because there were so many big big volcanoes blocking! Yish! I'm ugly enough and they still wanna decorate my face. No need loh, roll away can or not?

First time take such photos..

By the way, Brenda followed Hui and Gor to MidValley when I was having massage. This bao bei looked so HOT! *whistle blows!* And Hui that ham sap poh kept on ********** LOL!

That is all.
I am going to study Maths and Add Maths today but I have a sense that I am going to fail doing that. So, maybe your lucks may help. Lucks Lucks? *collecting* I want moreee! :D