Sep 25, 2008

sTress ]:


I have my party delayed again. The Ministry of Education wants us to have exam until the last day of school. DAAAANGGGGGGGG. =/

No mood open dy lah ):

By the way, BIOLOGGGGGGYYYYYY. Haaaihhhhhh, heart broke le.


almost forgot!


oh it's seventeen.

stay cool ;p

wait ar, i go check check whther i have a pic of him or not.....

HOHO. I found this.
Nevermind, he wont visit my blog so he wont know i post this. =P

Sep 11, 2008


Hi, just to say I've had my party date set. It's 18th of October. Well I've actually taken many other factors into account so this is the Best date dy. Anyway, I hope everyone can come lah, if not I'll cry de.TT. Oh by the way, that's when exams are not finished, but left 4 days only lah! sacrifice bit lah, haiyoh.

Sep 6, 2008


There are times that I can't fulfill the tasks that I've given myself, most times. Nevertheless, I will always try my very best. It's the last time I fall I promise. And with this, I shall announce that I will be quiting blogging for some time(although I know noone cares) until I think I can online.

Exams are coming. Oh and Hui will be having UPSR in 3 days time, wish her lucks! and what's exciting is that she's going to be in the same school as mine next year! which I want to, well haha, show off how 38 we can be when we get together.

Oh Bye, going to join Mum and Hui upstair! Dont let me see you all slept dy, I'll be real pissed.

Lastly, my party, probably the beginning of Oct. Going to have it with my brother, so there will be a lot of people. (: Oh and I wanna start inviting people dy!

* Becca, I did invite you so you must not reject me kay? =p ( Oh and this also implying the rejector whose sir name is Kum =p)

Good Luck in year end exams everyone, Iam OFF from computer for at least 1 month la, bless me lucks lah(: