Jul 31, 2009


Portfolio updated.
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Jul 27, 2009


My deviantart portfolio -


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Just so true, I need not worry.

I'll be taking my first ever piano practical examination in my life on Wednesday.
I still decide to go to school on that day anyway, too good girl boh bian. ;D
Have been painfully practising for almost a year, just for 3 pieces, hope that I won't panic.
It's really boring, so tomorrow's my last piano lesson in life.

Main objective of this post is to thank Chien Wei, for being so sweet and nice.
She really is the best person I know.
Thanks for your card, I'll bring your blessings with me girl. :)
Wanna say, I appreciate our friendship a lot. *oops, don't cry.. X)


Jul 25, 2009


Year 1997.

Everything has changed, hasn't it?

Jul 24, 2009


This is the way I say Hello.

It's 11.53pm.
I spent 3+ hours on an artwork.
And it isn't satisfying.

Today's weather's absolutely perfect.
No Rain.
No Sun.
No Wind.
However, this piggie over here got so reluctant to play sports despite knowing the fact that it helps flinging off tonnes of fats and oils.
With my head looking down,
with your heads shaking,
I shall announce,
my on diet plan failed,

Gosh I feel terribly bad.

Jul 23, 2009

Keep acitivating.

I seriouuuly need,
Productivity rate has dropped 100%. Pinch my face; wake me up. (:
Procrastination, stay far, pwease.

The prom topic's so HOT recently, everyone's fighting for seats. Fortunately, our gang of crazy women has been "behaving" well 'cos most of them nodded their heads lastly, I damn hua hi.
I am not alone, you are here with me, though we're far away, you're here to stay. Hahaha, lame. 0.0

Speaking of this lyrics, saw this video:


Watch it! I have always known MJ's power but it's until watching it that I realise how crazy fans can be. That girl was hugging him like she's hugging the boaster(is it spelled correctly?)in her house. Bet she had committed suicide by now, choi!

Anyway, gor has moved his butt out of the sweet home into his smelly(haha) rented room. Take care yoooo!

Pa's birthday last week:

Yiyer! I memang tak berguna ah! Tomorrow I'll be good girl. ^__^

Jul 19, 2009

Lips are sealed though much to say.

Just a blink of eyes and a day has passed half.

Realise I haven't been typing long post, because I'm afraid you'll be impatient with it. :( I'm so considerate man.

Oh Shit, Hui's face ruined the whole picture. :P

I've gained 3 kilos.
No other reasons,
maybe got too stressed.
On diet again. :(
Gah I love foods.
But I love slim more. :)

Jul 18, 2009

When it falls apart.

I gonna make it short because my sleeping time has passed looong ago.
Now's 12.11am, can you believe I'm still here?

Yin Kuin cousin brother is going to Amercia soon, so today's his farewell party. Take care. :) (Bet he'll never see this.)

By the way, my brother visited the sex musuem in Europe few weeks back. The pics are interesting. For those "coloured" people, do visit www.everydayyutian.blogspot.com . There's animal sex, weirdo.

Jul 17, 2009


Happy Birthday, pa.

I bought a new watch, a real watch, no more 10bucks-watch, it's a real watch. :)

Jul 9, 2009

I don't wanna miss a thing.

Ain't I cute? :)
Note, there's thick saliva drooling!

Today have been, uhm, I dunno.
I think I need motivation, in, everything.
Make it better, will you?
Yes I will.

Tomorrow will definitely be a better day.
It will continue to be,
as long as I believe it.


D and me in the same pic! :)

Jul 5, 2009

Can you move your butt away from my mind?


Gorgeous Brenda:

Last last week at Zen:

Jul 3, 2009



Jul 2, 2009

Class Tee! :)

Did 5 samples, dunno which one they'll like?