Feb 29, 2008

i'm having dreams everynight.
and moreover,it's 3 to even 5 dreams a day.
sometimes even nightmares.
but anyway,
i just dont know why i cant remember wad i have dreamt everytime i wake up.
though the feelings from the dream stil bothering me.
aihs nvm.

Anyone can help me edit photos ar?
my comp's photoshop cant use jor. ):

you succeed if you pay effort.
add oil~!

so excited.
my house is going to have interior design!!
and i have just sseen the pictures of the plan.
wad the architect drew were real COOL!!
Desperately looking forward to!


no hope liao. =/
just got to know some secrets.
sorry lah.
i'm not on purpose.
i know it's VERY NOT GOOD to see people's personals.
aih,i did it alredy lah anyway!
really no hope liao. =/
why it turns out that way...
i thought i stil have the chance wan.
but totally left 0% possible for now.
who has the power to break the relationship?

i know you dont understand what i'm crapping.
ignore my words.

Feb 28, 2008

TANJINGWEI is sooo lazy.

so sorry that i broke the promise.
i cant help coming online.
forgive me pleaseeee!
I'm Drowning.seriously.
someone helps me please.
i know it's my problem lah.
talk less.
cold sometimes.
no response.
not 38.
damn quiet.
but then sometimes it's really weird to stay alone.
especially in class.
it's like,
everyone is happily laughing chatting there,
then i have my mouth zipped and sit lonely aside.
but actually it's absolutely better.
my kindergarden friends told me i didnt even talk when i was small.@.@
what's the problem now.
i was born like this lah.
i just dont know how to speak up.
my brother.
why wanna fight computer with me ??!!
i ady four days let you play still not enough ar?

oops.left out one 'L'..





wahsss!today is so special!
it's 29th of FEBRUARY!
4 years once!
fortunately.i'm not having birthday on today.

it's exams week!
nothingelse to say but GOOD LUCK!
study hard ok?


Jingwei ;P

Feb 23, 2008

Well,went to eat seafoods yesterday night.
with everyone from mum's side.
seldom sit with all of my cousins in the same table.
so, to appreciate the precious moments we were having..
we took photos!
pictures below are from my mom's phone.
majority of it on yan's jie camera.
but i lazy upload it lah.
so i just upload those from my mum's phone. ^ ^
Here it go....
Everyone growss!! anyway.everyone was present except meiling(dont know correct ornot) jie jie from germany..
The retarded siblings. LOL
Another one. car yi with her brother. dont suspect...it's not the girl who's short. it's the boy too TALL.
HAHA. we call this 'DONG FANG SHEN QI' .... ^ ^"

Feb 22, 2008

Jingwei. ;P

Feb 21, 2008

and.... HellOOOOOoooo

Hi everyone.
Does anyone miss me? :P

now here's updates bout the whole week.
actually nothing much.
just that exams are around the corner and
teachers are so fulled of sympathy that they scare we have free time but dont know how to spend so they gave us stacks of homeworks.
but it's ok.
I really dont know what to do if i dont have homework.
walk here walk there only.
i hate Phsics.
and i dont understand the mole mole thingie in Chem.

and yesterday and today was the photoshoot session.
time for Ed-boarders to work!
The Sun was DAMN hot lahh.
i was being a bit ODD.
as i always do lahh.
HAIH. cant blame.
i just dont know how to join.

OMG,that girl is so pretty lahh.
i wonder why i said that she's normal and a bit slant to not-pretty-at-all last time.
i really am not that scary lahhhhh.
it's only pure envy.
i dont jealous people now adyyy...


我真的不喜欢这种感觉耶 。
我知道 很多事是我自己先前选择的。
可是 每次想到必须一个人吞就觉得很累。
无端端 我们就会小事而不说话。
他变了 乃是 我小气?
我只希望 每当我许愿祈祷时

PS:我知道 我的文章总是让人看了想睡觉。
对不起 嘛 .

Feb 17, 2008

here's 2 pics of last week.
grabbed it from yan jie's blog. >.<

I cant wait anymore for march holidays.

it's really suffering.

i really hate physics a lot.

why am i so stupid?

I wanna change my hairstyle.

but i dont know which suits me.

as my face is not suitable for lotsa hair styles.

Why noone supports Ah Jiao?

actually she's pity leh.


Girls can be stupid. of a guy of course.

But proudly,i'm an exceptional!

Tomorrow is a brand new day.



Feb 16, 2008

Helloo here i am.
Uhm,exams started on 29th of feb..
Physics,add maths,chem,bio,even mod maths!
Why my mind is so 'unturnable'?

and i'll complete my HOMEWORKS and start revising.
Wish me lucks.

I hope i'm not Over.
forgive me please.


Feb 13, 2008

blesses to those who are stil single like me! =P

Feb 11, 2008


well just want to say..
ii have made a poll there,on the sidebar..
so if you're free mind to vote ar?
just onthe right side of this post.
TQ ^ ^


Feb 10, 2008


lols,wei chen gor gor brought the card reader and so here goes pics taken for the past few days!
appreciate please,i wasteed lots time here!
Ok,Here You Go!

yesterday night. TEENS! can you spot where i am? =P (i look like an outsider in the pic. ): )
oh ya,the girl in the middle with black sleeveless,pretty right? and also,the girl beside her,with white shirt white pants,cute right? *ENVYYY!*

Me and ke xin.Wow,this girl really grown up.

Night before yesterday in daiyi's house.2nd time wearing sunglasses to take photo.it's kind of werird i know.

the two superstars.

pa's friends and my neighbours. TT my legs are so FAAAAT.

Cousins gambling.

Woah,look there look there,what's going on??

Emo Loo. lols.
Yan jie jie-serious-look. xP

random pic of caryi.
i know i look like an Ah Sam here.
Thanks for helping me to hide my fat arm.
laiyi,mom,daikaofu,yiyi,yijiong. SMILES =D
dont know who took this....
Wooi! look here lah!
HAHA.daiyi showing off her 'skills'.. Pretty lady^^
HAvent been taking pics with granpa for a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOng time.
he didnt smile,dont know why lah.
Pa and me. with hui's hand behind........swtsssss.
Again.the fellow really loves to show up her hands lah.

here comes pa and the love-showing-hands girl.
one of my favourite.
first day of CNY outside ma house.
Reflection on piano.!

Taken by Hui. TQ!
Playing turkish march. ^Q^
Spring Roll!

random..starring hui,jiehui,me,gor.
mom and hui.
Vain. ^ ^"
Piano and me. xoxo.
this is the last post i think.
wont be posting so ofteen le.
dear bloggie,take care OK?


wanna stay in front of the computer but dont know what to do .
noone chats with me, and nothing to blog with and no frenster account..
where should i go? ):
actually i have homeworks to be completed..
but i'm just too lazy to move.

oh ya,
wanna see my house?
without roof?
Here you go....

It's turning better now as renovations are carrying out.
I hope i'm not being weird for posting it out.


it's the worst thing ever!
school reopens tomorrow!!
sweet days just went off so FAAASTLY.

luckily SE reminded me of the ORAL PRESENTATION.
and i thought of the topic i should present in m DREAM!
i dreamt of William Shakespeare. i know you're swt-ing.
erm,actually i dont really know him.not his fans either.
just know one of his play and one of his poem.
that is: Romeo and Juliet which the whole world knows..(anyway,i got to understand the story from a chinese translated story book. =.=)
and the other one, Sonnet 18 which is taught in form4 literature.
ok,i just hope this topic would be not too bad.

I wanna drop EST lah...
but everyone says it's another confirmed 'A' to get in SPM.
but i reallly lazy to stay back for one hour++ just to listen to Pn triple L .
with this class,i reach home at 4 somethings,
after bathing and eating,i gotta start doing homework at 5 which is too late!!

Yesterday lots leng lui came my house ^ ^
*jealous* ):
anyway,yesterday de party counted NOT BAD lah!

Well i think this post is almost the second last or third last post i can write.
aafter today,i gotta stick to books dy.
exams started on 27th of FEB!
2 weeks more!



aiyok,forgot to invite kah ling pula!
i have been like a sopor for the past few hours,
walked here walked there doing nothing.
I wanna take pics of everyone,
but then everyone was busy chatting,laughing etc so i didnt want to interrupt,
and also,
if i had requested to take pic,they would think i'm very 38 bah?

I think there's 50++ people over here now.
my brother,damn geng,
from form1 to 5 all invited.
then my relatives also coming,
each aunty has 4 children,
5 aunts and 1uncle..
imagine the crowds!

just now gor forced me to sing,
then i just sang lo,
nobody clapped o. =.=
plus my sounds were so sucks.............
mana hole ar?

Have you all got schoolmates who you know each other but dont say hi normally when meeting?
i have ALOT!
and it's very embarassing.
it's not me who dont want to say hi,
i just scare they feel strange if i sudden wave my hand to them.
and also,
some of them are cool people.
it's weird to say hi bahh.
i just hate the feelings.
everytime pass by,
know each other but need to pretend that you dont know him/her.

tonight is great,
thanks to marry jie jie who cooked for the whole day.
Hope everyone enjoys lah!



I promise...
not to eat so much after CNY,
not to play so much after CNY,
study hard after CNY,
not to sleep so late after CNY,
not to play comp so often after CNY,
not to waste so much money after CNY!





P/S: 原谅我自言自语。。。。。

Feb 9, 2008

Yesterday night i fall asleep at 3 oclock midnight.TT
firstly,there was celebration over daiyi's house,
2ndly,my house is very far from there,
3rdly,mum and sis wash face open door close door making noises,
4thly,dad snoring!

Anyway,there were crowds in 1U yesterday,
and to our surprises,
lots chinese were there,
means everyone ady balik from kampung.
then me and hui,did lots things,
took da tou tie,ate,walked,bought clothes,so on.
but then dont know why this time isnt so fun as last year ady.

Wanna post pics but scanner has problem and camera cant find card reader. ):
Gor's friends and pa's side relatives coming afterwards,
i wonder our house,with only downstairs available, can occupy so many people or not.
20 from gor's friends,40 from pa's relatives,then somemore pa bringing some of his friends..
car yi also having small gathering today,
i wanna go o.
but then nvm lah.

Feb 8, 2008

going 1U later. =D
so fast a year passed.
i remember last year day3 of CNY,me and hui also went 1U,
just we two,
and it was the first time she took 'da tou tie' ,
and we had a nice time there.
bought too many clothes at polka dots till we had not enough money to pay,
need to wait mommy to come to pay.
I think she have forgotten.

This CNY lah,
No people come to visit me. =/
everyone forgets me le.. ):
Yesterday night mum scolded me. ):
she said i shouldnt be so timid,inflexible,
always want to sleep on time,
late a bit also cant,even in CNY.
i cried cried cried.
closed my ears up so that i couldnt listen it.
Lots things it's not my choice..
i have no choice..
i understand they are being considerate enough,
but they wont understand what i really feel,
cause it's not happening on them..
you think i really love to sleep that early and give up on so many foods i like?

I think my eyes have some problems lah.
Last time the optometrist said the degree is suitable for me,
but then why lots things i stil cant see clearly?
then i have to force my eyes to see it,
and this will increase the degree even more.
sad lah. TT
mum wanted to buy a new lens for me which suit my real degree,
but then my degree is so high that the price for the lens is so expensive,

相信 让两颗贴近了距离 ;;

Time is passing so fast.
i dont want to go back to school! =(
anyway,taken some pics these few days,
but lost the memory card reader,
so cant upload. =(
I hate XX.
I want to block him but i dont dare to.
what to do? ):

Hope Everyone is happy,wealthy and healthy!
Hope gong gong turns healthier and happier,
Hope our relationship turns better,
Hope for the BEST!

Feb 7, 2008

Going Laiyee's house to have dinner tonight.
argh,i really hate my stomach!
my digestive system is getting worst.
i dont know where goes wrong,
i eat fruits and veges everyday,
and i dont eat meats,
and the speed of eating is moderate,
but then why it takes hours to digest a dinner?
you know what's the way i use to digest it?
that's why i have to bath so many times one day..
cause if i dont bath,the foods will remain there for hourssss!
imagine how pity i ammm..
everyone after eating,teveryone sits there watch TV,
but i'm different!
i need to stand!
even if i stand,also it wont digest.
Really need a doctor,
check out what's the prob.
Mum promised to bring me to the skin doctor after CNY wor,
To cure my pimples.(paiseh =X)
dont know whether she stil remembered.
I finally have a HP!
but it's a china phone.
pa bought it last time and that day mum found it in the cupboard,
and gave it to ME!
it supposed to be a happy thing,
but then,
not nice at all.
very strange lah,all the settings different from malaysia phone.
That's why i say NOKIA is the BEST.
but nevermind lah,
can use then can liao.


Woke up at eight am and come back at nine pm.
Didnt do much things,most time spent in THE JOURNEY.
Oh ya,i learned to play mahjong!
it's nice but i'm very stupid with it.

New year's like a not really very happy thing for me.
just realised.
dont know why lahhhhh..

wow,i realise lots people now,damn geng.
saw lots ppl's pics and blogs,
all of them are really extremely nicee.
made me a bit paiseh lah.
my pic is always normal or slanting to weird.
and even worst,it's called ugly.
then my blog,
always boring things saja,
with boring captions and pichas.

really feel strange to be a form four.
dont want to face everything so fast.
*singing wo bu xiang zhang da*
haha,but then,
growing up also has advantages geh.

today's mood: 2stars

Feb 6, 2008

So pity out here.
everyone balik kampung.
I've been ON in msn for hours but noone said hi to me!
Oh lonely Jing Wei...
i look weird in that picture i know.
i upload it cause...
havent been uploading any photos for ages.
so please dont blame me for spoilting your eye sight.