Oct 31, 2008

At times, I feel so lonely inside.


Went SookChuan, the crazy woman's house and stayed overnight. Thanks for entertaining me girl(: By the way, I feel absolutely sleepy right now, damn I tell you. But I can't go to sleep, so pitiful right. And Oh, our HSM3 plan has gone with soup, so disppointed lah.

G.bye to Form5s! May everyone of you scores in SPM.

Oct 27, 2008

Oh By the way.
I received looots presents.
Thanks it's very nice.
There are 2 which are damn special(:

First, fishes from Elaine and Darren! Awh so cute lah! I promise I will take care of them(:

Secondly, HweeLing's cupcakes! You can have a shop named "HL bakery" dy. =p Anyway, I ate it dy, delicious(:


Uhm, Yo.

My birthday party is finally over.(: Thanks to everyone who attended and to those who couldn't make it, no worries, there are lots chances in the future. By the way, we'll have something like this next time alright? (: Oh gawd, I can finally have a proper sweet sleep. Eh, I am capable on organizing something big uh, so proud lah(: Not to forget, thanks mum and dad for everything, gor, Hui and Sin for helping me to entertain and Marryjie for the cookings(Dontcha like the foods? =p) Here are the pictures you loooooong waited. Enjoy yourself Oki? (PS: My account has some prob, so can't put on captions! )