Nov 20, 2008

I see no End.


Sorry, I still don't have any pictures to entertain ya all.

November's going to end so soon, wonder what have I done. ==. So no mooood..........

Finally.Finally.Finally.........I got back my Express Music, this is our last split ok? :)

I went TheMines bookfair yesterday. It's so boring you know. I have been loitering around like a mad one and I went home with nothing, not even a pen or something like that.

Loveyou, love you not, love you, love you not, love you, love you not............... o.o Lame.

P/S: You do hate me, don't you? Even if you don't, you at least don't like me, is it?

Nov 11, 2008

You, you and still you.......

I'm at this crazy woman's house.

I'm starving.

I wanna go home.

I want to get my dinner and off to bed.

If only...........................................
they could stop their conversation. I don't mean to be rude lah, I just born to be impatient.

Today, uh, had an outing with the Yellow lover. She walked so fast and blamed me for walking slow, how cruel. She wanted, oh no, she still wants it now actually, an environment-related necklace and praised herself for being a world-peace lover. So lame. =p

Ooooooooohhhhhhh so lifeless.................

Oh!! They are finally DONE!

Toodles! =)

Nov 7, 2008

You're unique in your own way.

Bwahahaaahahaaaaaaa, soooo happy lah!

Well I was away for a week and now I find many people added me in Friendster! Thanks babes(:

I am such a good girl, dont you agree? My attendance is 100% this week when initially I planned not to go for even one day(:

Next week Form5s are going to start their SPM, bless you Gor and Kahling Jie!

Nov 2, 2008

Add me!

Hey hey I've just recreated my friendster account!
Add me!

Ooh and, if you can't view the profile you can type my email address:

Thanks! =)

PS: Thanks Brenda for the layout!


You shall give me a big applause.
Yes You, you shall.(:
JingWei Tan,
The Mandy,

Just baked a cake on my own.
How Proud, hahaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Well I know you don't think it's a big deal but for me, I realise I ain't useless, haha(: Dont put on your sweat face please. Here it goes, the process, well, sorry I got its sequence upsidedown. =/


Vegetarian Apple and Carrot Cake! So healthy right. =p

Baking in process.

Fluffy paste.

Hrm, Thanks to Marryjie and Mummy for guiding me and Hui and Gor for the minor helps(: I will bring that to school tomorrow for my friends so......Dont ever say it tastes sucks even it's really not nice okay? If not I'll smash the whole cake onto your face. =p

Yesterday, I finally, finally, finally watched High School Musical3. I wonder why some said it's disappointing. I think the effects are real cool and the songs are sweeet. As a piece of proof that I did go to the cinema...............

It's like ages I entered a cinema, I simply don't like it. =/

Oh and! We went The Itallianies for dinner. I couldn't even finish a quarter of my meal. ==
And, Aunty Isolde is coming next Saturday so I gotta move my butt outta my room, how sad. Nolah, I'm actually honoured as this shows....... I have the nicest room! =D

Eh I realise there's a song named Mandy! Same as mine! hahaaaaa.

Toodles! (Learnt this from HSM. =] )